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Jun 1, 2006 10:27 PM

In need of good chow in Banff/Lake Louise

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Hi all:

MSP hounds will be spending 2 nights in Banff and 2 nights in Lake Louise. We are staying at the Post Hotel in LL, so one night is a no brainer. Looking for good casusal places for the other 3 days/nights. Open to all cuisines. TIA

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  1. who needs to eat when it's that gorgeous there?

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      Try Fuze. Very global style of food. In addition to a regular menu they always have a 3 course fixed price menu. Amazing food.

    2. A new spot opened up a week or two ago on Bear Street in Banff called The Bison. It's fantastic! Good food, nice room, and an absolutely gorgeous patio. Highly recommended!

      1. Stay away from the Caboose. They keep it so dark, you can't see what you're eating. Even though its a chain, we got great food at the Keg, next to the Rundlestone Lodge.

        1. 1st chouce would be The Buffalo Mountain Lodge - Rocky Mountain Cuisine features regional dishes and their own naturally farm raised elk, bison and caribou. The menu is wonderful and offers something for everyone (that is if you are into fresh fish and meat) My top picks would have to be either the grilled veal chop severed with home made gnocchi or the Beef Tenderloin with huge scallops topped with garlic pesto...the garlic pesto is amazing!! (the loaction and atmosphere are by far my personal favorite in the Banff area)

          Le Beaujolais - wonderful FRENCH food. Fresh seafood, Alberta beef, rack of lamb and tender veal all impeccably presented. They are located on the second floor on Banff avenue (I think at the corner of Buffalo St). They also have a wonderful wine list.

          The Primrose - located in the Rimrock Hotel (beautiful there) My top pick is the bacon wrapped beef tenderloin. They also have a wide selction of fresh fish and pasta. Haven't had their bruch buffet for a few years, but from what I remember they offer a huge selection of omelettes and had amazing strawberry waffles.

          1. Nobody has mentioned Deer Lodge, so I will in spite of it being a few years since I was there. I had a great dinner with a very good wine list at Deer Lodge right at Lake Louise. It was a highlight meal of a Canadian Rocky Mountain vacation.

            Photo of Deer Lodge: