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May 26, 2006 01:39 PM

Best West end Vancouver breakfasts

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What are everyone's feelings about where you find the best West end Vancouver breakfasts?

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  1. The Grove Inn on Denman serves the best greasy spoon breaky. The Elbow Room on Davie is run by a bunch of Flaming Homosexuals who love to dish out hard core abuse, and great food. Patrice Savoie is the man there, and he will make you howl. Eat the food, and get your own fucking cofee. Sophies on 4th in Kitsilano is a great Diner. Good scene, and food

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    1. re: jahvay

      I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago, and tried the Grove Inn. I have to say I was pretty disappointed. My savory b'fast (eggs, home fries, toast) wouldn't rank very high compared to my east coast breakfast dining experiences. Maybe it was an off morning... or not their specialty, but they seemed like nothing special.FWIW, fried potatoes play a very large role in how I rank a breakfast place. :-)

      Also, is it just me, or is Blenz just not as good as Starbucks -- as much as I hate to side with the Big Chain?

      1. re: Metaphysician

        Blenz has always been inconsistent, unlike Starbucks. However, I find they've been getting better. I don't think anyone would argue that Blenz is a great coffee house (for that, try Caffe Artigiano). Where Blenz outshines Starbucks, however, is in their matcha lattes and mochas. The mochas are especially memorable for they're made with Belgian chocolate pieces which are melted and blended into the milk.

    2. The Elbow Room is probably the best for breakfast. It's always entertaining when bringing co-workers who are from out of town to that place.

      1. if you want to venture down Davie to Yaletown, Provence Marinaside does a nice breakfast. Their pastries aren't the greatest, but their egg dishes are always good. Last time I was there I had the lobster omelette, decadent.

        The elbow room is great fun, but don't take your parents. My otherwise fairly liberal father was practically blustering with indignation and ire. Very amusing for me. He still managed to finish his enormous pancakes though (I thought they were undercooked).

        1. Just to chime in for a 2007 visit- loved the elbow room. Brunch was as good as I would make it myself- with sourdough bread, no less!

          Great concept of having to donate to a charity when you don't finish your food.

          Don't be afraid to speak up if something on your plate is amiss- they really do seem to want to serve a great meal, despite the helping of (tounge-in-cheek)attitude it comes with!

          1. I think the Elbow Room "tries too hard" to consistantly live up to their reputation. The food is just ok.

            For Sunday brunch downtown:
            Nu is actually a good value. Live jazz, a perfect fresh croissant and an espresso cup of chocolate drink are complimetnary perks of your experience. In the summer, the patio cannt be beat.

            I have a hard time with brinch now since I perfected my own home experience:)

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            1. re: jewels_vancouver

              If the Elbow Room and Provence Marinaside are the best breakfasts in the West End, then I would look elsewhere.

              Seriously, though, I have been consistently disappointed with Vancouver breakfast joints. I have had only mediocre breakfasts at all places but one: Slickety Jim's Chat'n'Chew, on Main St. Other breakfasts have been utterly unmemorable (including the Elbow Room, which had some of the worst hash browns this side of McCain's).

              A city like Vancouver should blow Victoria out of the water when it comes to breakfast (based on population), yet I have not found a place that meets the standards set at Mo:Le or Shine (on Fort St). Mo:Le still has the best eggs benny I have ever tasted anywhere (though their fried potatoes need work...although pesto-tossed, too little salt!) Lady Marmalade is good in a pinch, too, although their interior decor is pretty lousy (sort of like a glorified Greyhound bus station...I think they're working on it).