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May 23, 2006 04:23 PM

Looking for a good butcher in Winnipeg

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Help! Moved here recently and am still looking for a good place to buy meat. Have been very unhappy with all the chains and can't seem to find a good butcher. I used to live in Toronto and would buy my meat at the St. Lawrence Market (Uppercute Meats if anyone knows it).

Is there anything of similar quality in Winnipeg? You know, small place that sources their meat, especially chicken, from quality producers?

Location is not an issue, though I do live near Polo Park.

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  1. I tend to primarily go to Deluca's which is very close to Polo Park. On one occassion they actually told me to come back (knowing I live very close) later in the day for a better cut of lamb! Their spicy chicken sausage is fantastic and homemade.

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      Does DeLuca's have good chicken? Really most interested in finding a good source of chicken. I figured when I moved here that it would be easy to get farm fresh chicken, afterall the city is surrounded by farms, but everyone seems to have industrial produced birds that are small, tough and tasteless.

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        Deluca's does carry fresh local chickens. Humboldts Legacy on Westminster (also close to Polo Park) also sells loads of different organic and halal certified meats (chicken, bison, elk etc) although everything is sold frozen.

    2. Is that really all there is in Winnipeg? I'm really surprised at the lack of response to my question! Surely there is someone out there that carries farm fresh chickens other than DeLuca's or Humboldt (frozen?).

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        I'll back what MCS has said about DeLuca's - it is fantastic. The butchers are a little cranky, but they know their stuff. And it's an amazing grocery store too. If you're lucky, you'll be there as they are bringing in one of their deliveries of wild mushrooms from the local forests.

        Humboldts does carry chicken sourced from a local farmer and although it's frozen, it is some of the best chicken you'll find in town.

        You can also go to Miller's Meats at Kenaston and Grant (a ten-minute drive from Polo Park). I haven't tried their chicken, but they are supposed to be very good. Stephen & Andrews (Oak and Academy) has a good butcher too, but is a bit pricey. Piazza DeNardi (Taylor and Waverley) is another good option.

        For really good farm fresh chickens, you can also go to the St. Norbert Farmer's Market (July-October) and pick some up from one of the farmers there.

        Having said all this, my favourite local is still DeLuca's, especially in this area (I also live near Polo Park). You'd be hard-pressed to beat their quality.

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          This post is a little late... but in my opinion if you want farm fresh chickens, you get to know some farmers! Farmers Markets are great for this, but there are other networking avenues too. Start lurking at some rural Mennonite churches!

          Seriously though, I've been buying my chickens direct from a farmer in New Bothwell for a few years now, and they're absolutely delicious.

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            hi i can you help me find a reliable farmer, it would be really great if i can buy from the same guy you buy from. u can email me or text 204 962 7844

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            Caspar you will not find good food here. Yes, St. Norberts is fun for the ~ 12 days it's open a year. Where people think this Province has good chow is beyond me.

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              1. The best place for meats that I have found is piazza di nardi. Miller meats has a lot of cuts and does anything custom. I still havent found a GREAT butcher though...I am looking for a butcher that cuts from the whole cow and air dries

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                  Miller Meats has started offering local Berkshire pork - not too many places you can find that in Winnipeg. A couple of weeks ago the farmer who raises them was handing out yummy samples at the Grant and Kenaston location.

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                    Pacific Meat and Sausage - on Pacific about a block east of Keewatin. Not a fancy place but the beef is the best you'll find in Winnipeg. He buys whole sides and dry ages them for 30 - 60 days. The meat is entirely different in taste, texture and cooking time than your standard wet-aged beef. Amazing meat at about half the price of di Nardi. He also does some great house made corned beef, pastrami etc.