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May 22, 2006 10:30 AM

Any good bakeries in Ottawa?

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I need to find some good bakeries in Ottawa that makes really amazing bread. Does anyone know of any?

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  1. Ottawa's impressed me as the Canadian city with the best bakeries. Ottawa peeps- is BOKO still around? Love that place.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Boko is indeed still around. And Yoko will make the nicest party platters of sushi for you if you ask nicely -- with tiny little crane origami as a decoration.

    2. Depends on the kind of bread you want.

      Crusty/rustic bread:

      The French Baker (on Murray St.)
      Di Rienzo (on Preston St.)

      Sandwich/loaf bread:

      Bread and Roses (Beechwood Ave.)
      The Wild Oat (Bank St.)
      Trillium Bakery (just off Bank St.)

      Also, and this is not an Ottawa thing, Ace Bakery makes awesome bread - you can get it an any Loblaws store. I looooove the granary bread and the cranberry focaccia.

      1. Along with the other recommendations, I'd add the Portuguese Bakery on Nelson.

        We've also recently discovered a great bread baker that sells out of the Carp Farmer's Market, "Kym's Old Fashion Bakery". Her breads are great.

        One tip is that if you go to a place like Herb and Spice on Wellington, they carry breads from a lot of the various local bakeries like the French Baker, Portuguese Bakery, Richmond Bakery, Little Stream, Rideau etc.

        1. I heartily second the recommendations for Wild Oat, le Boulanger Français and Trillium.

          There are also surprisingly good breads available in non-bakery locations (delis and supermarkets), which I was happy to discover:
          La Bottega in the market makes delicious foccacia and carries great ciabatta.
          Loen in the Glebe and the Farm Boy stores carry the excellent Première Moisson breads from Montreal. I prefer these to Ace Bakery, but that is an matter of personal taste. Try their delicious walnut bread with your next cheese course (I haven't found another walnut bread in the city), or the raisin-hazelnut with a creamy chèvre.

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          1. re: Sam

            I second Loeb Glebe for nice bread. They also bring in some interesting local foods. The "McKeen antipasto" (named after the owner) is particularly good with no preservatives. They are also one of the few places to sell Jerusalem artichokes (at least that I've seen).

            The Wild Oat makes the best black chocolate brownies ever. However, their cookies are very mealy.

            1. re: errant

              I've also found the Beechwood Loeb to have good bread. Maybe its a Loeb thing.

            2. re: Sam

              Oooh,I didn't know about the Première Moisson imports!

              But I do know Loeb Glebe has some tasty crusty walnut bread (I'm eating some right now)...

              1. re: piccola

                They don't advertise that it is PM, but I once saw the baker putting the half-baked frozen loaves in the oven - and he confirmed that the honey-raisin-hazelnut, walnut and some of the other specialty breads in the front section are indeed PM. Yippeeeee!

            3. I would recommend the Ottawa Bagelshop on Wellington - they've got the best bagels, and occasionally they bake up baguette which is AMAZING...

              Otherwise, I would second La Boulangerie Francaise on Murray, and Boko.