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May 15, 2006 01:26 PM

Beer Prices in Quebec

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Planning a fishing trip to Laniel in a few weeks. can anyone out there tell me if it's better to buy beer (10 cases) at an SAC or a grocery store of some kind?
Also - what's the going rate for a case... say Labatt's or Export


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  1. I wonder if they sell beers such as Labatt Bleue and Molson at the SAQ. Even if they do, I think it would be slightly cheaper in convenience or grocery stores. A case of 24 beers is about 30$ with taxes and deposit. I suggest you try our local, smaller scale beer though, such as Belle Gueule, Griffon or any of the Unibroue products (which is now owned by Sleeman, but the beers are the same!).

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      Excellent information! Exactly what I was looking for...
      Thank you VERY much!

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        The cheapest price for beer is something like $20.99 for a 24 bere QST, GST and bottles. This week at Loblaw's you can get Hek or Presidents Choice beers at this price. The popular brands such as Blue or Molson (Export) will cost about 3 bucks more. Alternatively, Sleeman 12s as well as Boreale, A. Keith, Carlsberg and Moosehead are on sale for $12.99/12 (the latter two are brewed under liscence by McAuslan).

        I tend to be cheep, but when it comes to beer, I always buy the cheapest microbrew and never beer from the big 2 breweries. Nothing political, just that from my experience, the big 2 can't seem to brew a decent beer while just about all the microbrews are good enough for me.

        I second the McAuslan reccomendation as far as quality goes, but it's hard to find, if not impossible, at $12.99. Usually $3 or $4 bucks more.

        I'd be curious to read about beer prices across Canada. Perhaps Blue 24s and Sleeman 12s, to make it easier to compare.

      2. re: Frenchie

        I've got to agree with Frenchie. Buy better beer! All the McAuslan products are excellent -- and while I do enjoy Griffon (and Griffon Rousse, a darker, richer ale), I have a serious weakness for St-Ambroise pale ale. It's seriously hoppy, and seriously delicious. BTW, if you're staying in Montreal, take a tour of the McAuslan brewery and pick up some St-Ambroise beer mustard. It's outstanding to cook with!