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May 13, 2006 01:55 PM

high end in St. Catharines?

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Looking for some recommendations for high end restaurants in St. Catharines. I'm familiar with the NOTL wineries but was looking for something in the city.

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  1. Treadwell Farm to Table Cuisine
    Port Dalhousie

    (if you can get a reservation)

    1. Wellington Court is my pick if you are in the city and want a great dinner in a restaurant staffed with a Chef and cooks who consistantly produce top quality food. Outside of the city, but in the 20 minute drive circle is - Zest - Font Hill
      - On the Twenty - Jordan
      - Rockway Glen Golf Club/Estate Winery - St. Catharines

      1. Definitely Zest. It's the best restaurant in Niagara, if not most of Ontario.

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          oops, just to let JJMCQ and others know.... Zest is in Fonthill a block south of Hwy 20 on Pelham Road.

        2. I would second Wellington Court. Not everything is spot on but in general the food ranges from very good to excellent. Wait staff are also very good.


            only for breakfast/brunch/lunch, but probably the best restaurant in st. catharines right now in my books