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May 10, 2006 08:41 PM

East Indian Saturday lunch in Calgary

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Anyone know of a good East Indian place that is open for lunch on Saturdays, preferably on the west side of the city? Thanks.

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  1. My favorite place for Indian in Calgary is Moti Mahal, but I'm not sure if they're open for lunch on Saturday. I know that they have a great lunch buffet on Sunday.

    This place is definitely worth a visit - it was recommended to me by an East Indian friend, and everything is delicious.


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      Moti is closed on Saturdays for lunch. Try checking Glory of India or Mt Everest(Nepalese food) in the downtown area, if they are open. Also, if you don't mind deviating from the East Indian theme for food that is quite similar and cheap - try Persian food at Atlas, off 9th Ave SW.

      1. CHUTNEY'S is on the west side- like a quarter block west of Centre St downtown (on 4th Ave) :) but I had the buffet today and it is speactacular- FOUR desserts!! Peas pillao AND saffron rice! A ton of different chutneys and pickles and two kinds of raita!

        AND they have brunch on Saturday and Sunday, when it's easy to get downtown. I highly recommend it.