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Apr 27, 2006 04:32 AM

Weekend Buffet Brunch Spots in Calgary

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Where are some of the good weekend buffet brunch spots in Calgary?

I know of the one in the Fairmont Palliser.

And is there anywhere that has both "Asian" (specifically Chinese dim-sum) and "Western" specialties? And seafood?

Tall order, I know.


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  1. Nellies is my all time favorite breakfast place, and I'm pretty sure they have a sunday brunch. As does Galaxie diner (the hashbrowns at Nellie's are waaaaay better though, and you have to go to Nellie's on 4th or Nellie's on 17th imo) I wouldn't get dim sum from anywhere that offers "western" fair as well. The dim sum is destined to be foul. Unfortunately the best dim sum in the city shut down a few years ago.. i forget it's name, but it was on the corner of the street across from the Golden Happiness Bakery (mmm... cocktail buns...)
    Cafe Beano on 17th also offers brunch. These are all very different from the Paliser one, but I like them a lot better.

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      Last Saturday (Oct.3/09) evening my wife and I and another couple decided to try out Nellie's on 17th....we had heard of the famous breakfast, but we were there in the evening, so we followed the server's suggestion to try the" dinner menu" Three of us chose the meatloaf & mashed potatoes, one chose eggs benedict. The friendly server had to check with the cook to confirm that he could prepare these dishes (maybe he was new?) She returned to assure us that he could. A few minutes later she returned to inform us that there were no mashed potatoes-would hash browns be ok? We said sure. Awhile later, the food was brought out.The meatloaf looked like it would be delicious-which I'm sure it would be-if it was warm.It was obvious that these meals had spent too little time in the microwave, as the meatloaf was still very cold, as evidenced by the cold, white congealed fat in the middle. My friends eggs benedict was covered in cold sauce.
      Perhaps this was an isolated occurrence- the server was polite and friendly. In future , our Nellie's visits will be for breakfast only.

    2. Nellies only serves sit-down brunch, no buffet. Also, of most of the better known sit-down brunch places in town, IME, it's the worst. I'd much rather go to Avenue, big fish, diner deluxe, holy grill (though the menu there is limited).

      for buffet lunch in downtown, i'd suggest the trader grill in the Marriott across the street and down a bit from the palliser. I don't personally know of any mixed/western/chinese brunch spots.

      this thread from last year has some good recommendations also.

      1. Has anyone been to Horizon Bistro in the Coast Plaza for their Sunday Brunch recently? Is it good ?

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          The Coast Plaza is my favorite brunch buffet! They used to have really good scrambled eggs, but unfortunately they changed them. They're still pretty good, though.

          They also have a different flambe every week, which is always delicious. My favorites are strawberry or banana.

          Another thing I really like there is their lemon squares. Yummy!

        2. The Palliser is definitely one of the best. My only guess for a spot that would have both western & asian foods for a breakfast buffet would be one of the Casinos.

          I've done the Sunday Brunch @ Nick's and the food wasn't too bad. They have little mini steaks that you can order until you drop dead, and even thought they're pretty small, they taste great. Service is a little iffy there. The waitress told one of the girls in our group, who only wanted a cup of coffee, that she would have to pay the full buffet price if she wanted coffee.

          Also, I remember hearing about a brunch buffet at the top of the Ski Jump @ COP? Can anyone confirm this? I don't remember if it was a regular thing, or if it's only done for special occasions.

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            Almost forgot - a couple years ago we hit up the Melrose for Sunday brunch, and it was quite good as well.

          2. The Danish Canadian Club on 11 Ave SW has their 'famous' brunches every Saturday ... we've never been, but when we peeked our heads in one Saturday they were packed. Also they do a buffet once a month, and apparently it's good too. Anyone else been? We found them during a street event last fall and haven't made our way back ....

            oops sorry - probably doesn't have any chinese food ... as per OP's request!