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Cupcakes in Edmonton?

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Has anyone tried that cupcake place on Stony Plain Road? A friend was telling me about it yesterday, and I was wondering if anyone here has an opinion about it.

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  1. Ive tried them and they are absolutley amazing!!!

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      I have been there a few times....first cupcake is awsome...but after that its the same ol, they havent changed the cupcakes since they have opened and its a dead place. I have been there twice and there is nobody ever there. Id rather go to next door where i can have supper, drinks and desert. its the big "D"

    2. Hi...I am an Edmontonian who lives in NYC but will be visiting soon. Can you kindly give the name and address. Has anyone tried a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery in NYC (made famous from Sex and The City)? Is this comparable?

      Thanks in advance!

      1. Yen, have you tried the cupcakes at Crave in Kensington (sorry to be off topic and talk about Calgary...)? They are EPIC, much better with cleaner flavours than at Buttercream Bake Shop in the Calgary Farmers Market (tho that place has its devotees). Yes, Calgary has TWO cupcake places- and I cannot help but wonder when this trend goes the way of frozen yogurt parlours. But I am enjoying it while it lasts.

        1. This week's Vue Weekly has an article on the City Centre market that features Whimsical. Some good details on the flavour combinations. http://vueweekly.com/articles/default...

          1. Great suggestions! I will definitely try !!

            1. I have sampled many various cupcakes from across North America including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. I would be delighted to provide my views and opinions regarding this cupcake debate.

              A rating list for the common chocolate cupcake samples:

              Busken (Cincinnati) B+
              Crave (Calgary): C+
              Cupcakes (Chicago): B-
              Cupcakes (Vancouver): B+
              Cupcake Cafe (New York): B+
              Kara's (San Francisco): B+
              Lov'em Cupcakes (Detroit) C-
              Magnolia (New York): C-
              Milford (Detroit): B-
              Sprinkles (Los Angeles): A-
              Sugar Sweet (New York): B-
              The Cupcake Bakeshoppe & Cafe (Edmonton): A+
              The Cupcake Shoppe (Toronto): B+
              Whimsical (Edmonton): C+

              Without actually delving into the cupcake ratings and how they're rated, both taste and texture is where it's at. To this day, there is only one company I've found that truly provides a balanced cupcake which is at The Cupcake Bakeshoppe & Cafe in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Perfectly balanced cupcakes are not too dry or too moist, not too sweet or too bitter, and last but not least they do not crumble apart the minute you remove the paper and expose the cake. This cupcake establishment truly provides textbook-perfect gourmet cupcakes,
              whereas most other cupcake products are based upon "homemade" recipes.

              P.S. The third posting (from Michelle) must have some incredibly damaged taste buds. The farmer's market (Whimsical) cupcakes are much too dry and in a few cases far too sweet. Good luck eating more than just one. You might as well buy your cupcakes from Safeway if you can't tell the difference between a gourmet cupcake and an homemade cupcake...

              Which cupcake establishment is better? I can only recommend that you try a few different cupcake establishments for yourself and eventually choose your favourite flavourite. Each establishment has their own flavours and preferences. One thing is for sure, I will certainly be returning to The Cupcake Bakeshoppe & Cafe in Edmonton soon for yet another Bliss, The Don, Forget-Me-Not, Orange Mandarin, Diva and The Full Minty, because I have to admit that these are by far the best cupcakes I've ever purchased -- anywhere.

              Note: Not endorsed or sponsored by any of the above cupcake establishments mentioned in this article.

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                I'm sorry, but I've had many cupcakes at Crave in Calgary and Cupcakes in Vancouver, and Crave's are much better. This isn't just a hometown bias as I do find Cupcakes better than Buttercream at the Calgary Farmers' Market, but in my opinion there is simply no contest between Crave and Cupcakes. Crave wins.

              2. Crave is ok. A C+ is definitely what it deserves. Way too sweet, too crumbly, doesn't really hold up once it's in your mouth, and some of the flavours are subpar.

                And I'm not sure who the owners are fooling with their silly "It's Grandma's recipe" angle. If those two twigs that run the place actually ate those cupcakes as often as they claimed, the store would have to be twice as big.

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                  We disagree. I think Cupcakes' cupcakes all have a crisco edge to them that I find sickening- I threw a batch of free ones (long story) in the garbage. I've never had a Crave that I didn't find spectacular.

                2. i tried them and they are disgusting. the cake part was dry and the icing just tasted like butter. I love cupcakes and i was so disappointed with them.

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                    I registered just to post this -

                    I tried the cupcakes from this store the other day for the first time - I was very dissapointed. The buttercream icing reminds me of straight crisco whipped with coloring. The cakes were quite dry and relatively flavorless. My wife actually nearly vomitted after eating hers.

                    In all, a waste of time and money (and a lot of it...)

                    Crave has much better cupcakes, even though they are by no means perfect.

                    1. re: cubalis

                      Which store? Sorry, this thread is convoluted and im having trouble keeping track of which ones people are referring to. Same with sweetcupcakes post.. i have no idea who they are referring to!

                      1. re: yen

                        They are not listening...
                        ( cupcakes are not my cup of tea, but clear and precise language is)

                        PS Please forgive the mixed metaphor

                  2. My husband and I just tried them and we both agreed that we would have been better off buying a cake mix and a jar of betty crocker frosting and making them ourselves--which isn't saying much. The icing left that edible oil product film on the roof of our mouths, even though the bakeshoppe claims that the icing is buttercream. This was a sad disappointment. If you need a good cupcake, the three hour drive to Calgary's Crave Cupcakes is worth the trip.

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                    1. re: abatke

                      I agree with abatke.

                      I have, on numerous occasions, made certain my trips to Calgary included a stop at Crave Cupcakes.

                      Nothing I've tried in Edmonton even compares to these delectable little cakes.

                      My fav is the lovely bunch of coconuts - but I always enjoy trying the flavour of the month as well.

                      1. re: abatke

                        Actually due to this board that is exactly what I'm going to go do. Betty Crocker is almost as good as my attempts at baking and outstripes my impatient attempts at icing making.

                      2. In my opinion Whimsical cupcakes are pretty terrible. They are TINY and overpriced and not very tasty. Does not even come close to Crave in Calgary.

                        1. Are you talking about Fuss Cupcake?

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                            Yes isn't that what the Cupcake Bakeshoppe renamed themselves?

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                              what about flirt? i see that both of these shops are on whyte now (about 2 years after the cupcake trend, but whatever) and several edmonton food bloggers have written praises about both...but has anyone on this board tried them? Are they actually good? i keep meaning to go, but am waiting for a nice weekend day...

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                                speaking of cupcakes we picked up a couple of them at Babycakes in Callingwood. They lived up to their name they were TINY! at $2/cake they seemed fairly expensive for the size, and kind of dry and flavorless. not impressed in the least.

                                1. re: ihatepickyeaters

                                  I have been to both Flirt and Fuss (2nd location) recently.

                                  While they were both tasty, I think the fact that FUSS has a lot more business under their belt already makes all the difference. Everything from their decorating styles, creativity and variety, to their atmosphere and *slightly* cheaper prices for buying a 1/2 dozen, etc really makes me lean towards them as the better choice.

                                  I think I preferred the cake texture at Flirt, but the difference was negligible between the two on that score. FUSS had better frosting, certainly.

                                  I am not optimistic that both shops with last through the year though. If anything, I hate to say it, but Flirt will probably be the first to go...

                                  1. re: ihatepickyeaters

                                    Flirt cupcakes are overpriced and unfortunately not very good. I was excited to try these out because I had only heard raving reviews about their cupcakes. I was disappointed. First of all, they didn't have very many left so I had to try their mandarin ones and although moist, it was too moist and crumbled everywhere when i removed the paper and the topping was less than delectable.

                                    Fuss is another disappointment. I read earlier that there was a place that the cupcakes left a filmy layer on the roof of your mouth well, Fuss is no different. They were waaay too sweet.

                                    The best cupcakes I have ever had so far were from Petit Gateaux in Montreal on Rue Mont-Royal. if you ever get the chance to head out to Montreal, make sure you try these cupcakes. best cupcakes in all of Montreal!!

                                    I agree with Miss_Scarlet...Flirt will definitely be the first go...horrible cupcakes, and horrible location.

                              2. try the cupcakes at fuss cupcakes in edmonton....they are moist and addicting and the buttercream icing is made with real butter as it should be......they have a shop on the west and a new one on whyte ave.....to die for!

                                1. I just tried a Flirt cupcake on Whyte Avenue (located near the 7-11) and it was quite lovely.

                                  Alas...nothing compares to Crave Cupcakes in Calgary.

                                  1. I have really really enjoyed the Fuss cupcakes I've tried. The Scarlett O'Hara Red velvet cupcake was amazing, as was the Bliss Chocolate Ganache cake. Great moist texture, not too crumbly. Sweet, but not sickeningly sweet. I liked them better than Crave in Calgary's which I found far too sweet.

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                                      I haven't tried Crave in Calgary, but I have a feeling that Crave in Calgary is better than Fuss.
                                      Fuss is horrible and way too sweet. I hated them...

                                    2. One of the girls in my office brings us Flirt cupcakes every Friday and they are some of the best cupcakes I've tried in awhile! We "cheated" and ordered cupcakes from Fuss last week just to try them and all but one colleague actually finished theirs. The icing tasted like Safeway icing and left that waxy film in my mouth.

                                      I've tried Crave a couple times while in Calgary and their cupcakes are marvelous too!!! Oh man, good thing it's Friday tomorrow, Im craving a cupcake!

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                                        I've tried cupcakes at all of the stores around Edmonton, including some at Farmer's Markets (Strathcona, St. Albert) and I don't think they're anything special. Maybe I'm biased because I have been told that my cupcakes are awesome, but if I'm paying someone up to $3.00 a cupcake, they better be out of this world, and they're just NOT!
                                        So if you want me to bake your cupcakes, let me know!!! :)

                                      2. I've tried cupcakes at all of the stores around Edmonton, including some at Farmer's Markets (Strathcona, St. Albert) and I don't think they're anything special. Maybe I'm biased because I have been told that my cupcakes are awesome, but if I'm paying someone up to $3.00 a cupcake, they better be out of this world, and they're just NOT!
                                        So if you want me to bake your cupcakes, let me know!!! :)

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                                        1. re: cupcakecutie

                                          Did you just cut and paste your first and only comment without realizing it?

                                          1. re: raidar

                                            I don't know about everyone else, but I am not a huge fan of the self advertising going on on this post??? hard to have biased opinions when you own it.

                                        2. They are great cupcakes!!!!

                                          1. They are awesome cupcakes!!! The best in town!!!

                                            1. I don't know why Fuss, Flirt, Crave or any of these cupcake shops are as popular as they are in Edmonton, Calgary or even Vancouver. I've had cupcakes in these three cities and I don't what the big deal is. This cupcake trend is just strange to me. First the cake part of the cupcake tastes like Duncan Hines/Betty Crocker cake mix. The icing- buttercream, sugar icing or any kind of these cupcake shops' "special" icing is always too sweet without any flavor but sweet. There is not any imagination to the design of the icing either. Just one big swirl. My comments above apply to all of the shops above. I think this cupcake trend is one overrated food trend that I can't wait to see pass on. If you want good cupcakes, bake your own. If you want fancy baked goods that you can't or won't bake, go to a real bakery like Bee Bell, Bon Ton's or Duchess, if you're in Edmonton.

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                                              1. re: mspacman

                                                I think this "trend" is here to stay.

                                                1. re: worldwidestuff

                                                  Meh, like anything else ( remember bagel shops?) it's a trend that will pass. People will realize they're paying too money for too little and some other food trend will take its place.

                                                2. re: mspacman

                                                  Trends are good, they are great even and they are necessary. Something new to get excited about. Everthing starts as a trend (such as using a fork or cooking pasta). Some stay and some go. Macarons were a trend (having been to Laduree in Paris, the trend seems rather a long one) which finally made to Edmonton 120 years later through Duchess Bakery. Watch "Supersizers Go" on TV (not sure of the channel) to see food trends, good and bad and long and short over the centuries. Some of these trends you will recognize as good "old fashioned food"...some you will not have ever heard of...they all started as trends. It is a stage of food and habit evolution.

                                                  Cupcakes may or may not stay, but they sure good. while they last. We just tried a cake from Crave in Calgary recently and as much as I hate to admit it, It was even better than Flirt and Fuss in Edmonton and they are fantastic themselves.

                                                  I thought Booster Juice was just a trend with their lonely shop in Sherwood Park years ago...then I saw there location in Dubai...no longer a trend in my view.

                                                  1. re: foodiesnorth

                                                    For those of you who can't stomach buttercream (i feel nauseated for hours) try Sweet Krumblz near West Edmonton Mall (next to Sorrentino's). I found this little shop by accident, and tried the red velvet and vanilla with chocolate icing. They use whipped icing on top of their moist and flavourful cupcakes. Mmm!

                                                    (Also, being from Toronto, i have to say that The Cupcake Shoppe is actually one of the worst cupcake places around. They don't even use real butter in the buttercream.)

                                                    1. re: caffeinated

                                                      I agree with Caffeinated, its Sweet Krumblz in Callingwood has better cupcakes compared with Fuss, Bliss or Whimsical Cakes. Their prices is cheaper than these 3 cupcakes bakeshop and also they make specialty cakes and reasonable priced or very affordable. Their cupcakes are not too sweet and very soft and moist. $2 for regular size cupcakes and $2.25 for specialty cupcakes. But they will increase their pirce in November. Yes the red velvelt cupcakes is highly recommended.

                                                      Hey Cupcakes in Sherwood park is not really impressive. The cupcakes tastes like bread and not soft cupcake, their icing is really gross and too sugary, too sweet then I have to throw the icing on top, $3 plus, a bit big, but I tell you, can't finished one piece because the icing is gross. I don't think they will last, very limited selection.

                                                      Duchess cakes for the high class people. Highly recommend the Duke and Duchess and Brioche . Not all of them are good. Merengue is overly sweet. Macarons are highly priced, I tried it for a taste, but will not definitely not macarons. Can't even share macarons with my family as its overly expensive for a tiny piece.

                                                3. Whimsical Cake Studio has the most divine cupcakes in Edmonton. They also have numerous frosting options and rotating, creative flavors.

                                                  @Trinyc: I have had cupcakes from Magnolia and I think WCS' cupcakes are MUCH better. I'd love to know what you think if you get a chance to try them!

                                                  Also, in NYC, I much prefer the cupcakes from Chickalicious. I think a lot of the hype at Magnolia is thanks to SATC

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                                                    I joined just to comment on this topic.

                                                    I have tried all the different cupcake shops in Edmonton, more than once.
                                                    Fuss- I will never go again, nothing special. The first time is great, but goes down hill after that.
                                                    Flirt - Wonderful flavors of icing. Always enjoy them
                                                    Hey Cupcake in Sherwood Park - Best cupcakes I have ever had. Not only is the icing flavored but so is the cake! I had the peanut butter and it tasted like a homemade peanut butter cookie.
                                                    Worth the drive!!!!!

                                                  2. That little cupcake place on stony plain rd is that the fuss cupcake shoppe? If it is they have the best icing on their cupcakes. The chocolate ones are the best to die for!!!!

                                                    1. i really dig fuss on whyte.... flirt is bad. i've had two from there and both were less tasty than one you could buy at safeway - which is to say they were horrible.

                                                      fuss however - mmmmmmm. DELISH.

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                                                        My vote has to go to Flirt....enjoyed them so much we had them at our wedding.

                                                        I find the icing at Fuss ends up with a strange texture.

                                                      2. I'm a big fan of fuss cupcakes and will be having them at my wedding. Don't really like Flirt much and Whimsical cupcakes were really dissapointing. Both times I've tried. They seem dry, with a weird flavor. Bleh.

                                                        1. I tried a few cupcake places so far. Didn't mind Cupcakes in Vancouver. Tried Fuss. I tried some I've never heard about from Kingsway Mall, but I can't remember the name of them. I seen the same place in City Centre and still can't remember because it was a month ago. They were pretty good and some had filling inside. Maybe somebody else here knows or has also tried them.

                                                          1. Big City Cupcakes is the one in Kingsway and City Centre. I found their cupcakes too dry and expensive for the small size. Not a fan of Fuss either. I prefer Cupcakes in Vancouver and Bliss in Calgary. Crave is opening a location in Edmonton in January 2011

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                                                            1. re: J.J

                                                              I like Crave as well and original Cupcakes in vancouver. I actually liked those Big City Ones. Thanks for the name. The big City ones were the biggest ones I've seen and I haven't seen many around that also fill them inside.

                                                              1. re: J.J

                                                                Crave is now open (as of Feb.4)! The official opening will be Feb.10 and there will be hot chocolate and cookies with all proceeds going to the Stollery.

                                                              2. Wow this is quite a long ongoing discussion. I just had to add my two cents since I consider myself a bit of a cupcake conniseur. I travel alot for my job and usually have to visit the cupcake shoppe in whatever town I'm visiting so I've tried plenty.

                                                                I think the thing that makes a cupcake so delectable comes down to the moistness of the cupcake and the quality of the icing (be it buttercream, merringue etc). I truly think the place in Edmonton that does this best is Flirt on 82nd ave. Ive stopped by the quaint little shop many times and am always impressed with the cupcakes I get. There is one that has an oreo cookie INSIDE the cake. Do try this one if you get the chance.

                                                                I have tried Fuss and Whimsical and both were not bad either. A lot better then some of the cupcakes I've tried in other cities.

                                                                I did stop by Crave just to see what everyone was talking about, but I wasn't impressed. Their cupcakes are stacked with icing but no special things on top like some of the other stores have. And I have to wonder what on earth they were thinking opening on whyte avenue when there are already so many other bakeries to contend with. It seems most people in Edmonton are very loyal to their favorite cupcake place so I don't see them sticking around for long.

                                                                But who knows. I didn't think cupcakes would be around as long as they have been. Maybe they are here to stay. Maybe not. I guess we'll just have to see. And in the meantime I going to keep eating them lol.

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                                                                1. re: xninabotx

                                                                  I didn't think this thread would last as long as cupcakes have either. lol