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Apr 18, 2006 01:59 PM

Best lobster dinner in Halifax?

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I guess this is kind of related to a previous post, but instead of high dining, I'm just wondering where the best place is to get good lobster in Halifax, but not necessarily at the classy joints in town...I'm willing to eat at paper covered tables for a true maritime food experience, if appropriate!


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  1. If I were a visitor to Halifax during the summer and I wanted lobster, I would head to the Fisherman's Market or Clearwater Foods. These two outlets are close together on the Bedford Highway which runs between Halifax and Bedford. Here you will be able to buy cooked lobster and other goodies to go along with it. Pick up a nice bottle of chilled white wine from a liqour store and some nice crusty bread. Take it to Point Pleasant park and have a divine picnic. Why pay top dollar at any restaurant in Halifax when you can have just as good a meal for a fraction of the cost this way. Just be sure to pack some paper napkins, pliers, cutlery, paper plates and a couple of throw away wine glasses. Have fun! Halifax is a wonderful city

    1. There aren't a whole lot of downscale places offering sit-down lobster dinners -- the prices of the lobster just don't match with cheap eateries. Aside from the excellent suggestion about buying your own (although that would be a cold lobster and to me it's best when hot), I can recommend the O'Carroll's Dublin Lawyer lobster as my favorite way to consume the things. Truth be told, I like lobster best when the chef has already done all the work of getting the thing out of the shell and has put the meat into something, rather than having the beast dumped in front of me, shell and all. But to each his own.

      1. My recommendation is to check out community information/event listings around the province; the best reasonable lobster dinners are offered at churches throughout the summer and autumn.

        They aren't always listed well in advance or even at all, so be prepared to do some digging to find out about them. Community tourist bureaus are the best bets.