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Apr 12, 2006 09:00 PM

Whistler - any good tapas places?

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Hi there, I will be spending a few days in Whistler this long weekend and was wondering me and my girlfriends can go to hang out basically eating and drinking. We love tapas, in fact we were just at Zakkushi lastnight and had a blast, so we're looking for some casual atmousphere but with interesting food and drinks. I'm not sure if there are any/many tapas restaurants in Whistler that aren't over priced? Basically anything goes, coz in the past we always wind up in Spaghetti Factory (food and service is a nightmare there), and we're sure there must be some better places for dinner!

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  1. I recently had a great meal at a relatively new place in Whistler called 21 Steps. Can't remember the exact location but it's near the old centre where Cittas is (it's on the 2nd level of the building). They had a great selection of "share plates", good service, reasonable drinks. A rare find in Whistler

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      Thanks for the recommendations, will give them a try.

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        Seven it's across from Gap.... locals fav tapas spot

      2. Also try "Elements Urban Tapas Parlour" in the Summit Lodge on Main Street. Very good.

        1. Elements Tapas is pretty good, but the service is pretty bad.