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Apr 9, 2006 01:47 PM

Any one tried the sushi at Superstore in Winnipeg?

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I wanted to try the sushi made at Superstore in Winnipeg. They seem to carry a good selection of sushi and they claim to make the sushi fresh every day. It looks like most of the Superstores have those sushi kioks.

Have you tried those sushi yet? Are they good? The price seems to be good. Any feedback or comments are very much appreciated.

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  1. it's is freshly made, and you won't die from it. An okay snack or quick meal in a pinch, better than some of the grease laden alternatives, that's for sure. But it's the sushi equivalent of McDonalds. Sure you can eat it, and it's not that bad, but there is better out there.

    1. For the price and convenience, I always buy the sushi from Superstore (about once a week) for a quick lunch. It is portable and I can eat the cube when my car stops at the traffic light. Bad habit!

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        I think it's just fine - not "fishy" smelling or tasting, rice is properly cooked, fish has a decent texture. I'm not sure I'll ever understand the concept of "amazing sushi!". It's fish, rice and a bit of seasoning or garnish... if the fish is fresh, the rice properly cooked and the sushi assembled correctly, what could be wrong with it - and how is it elevated from acceptable to "amazing"?
        Sure, I can understand if someone comes up with an interesting new combination (the guy that used to be in the former "Canoeshi Bar" bar at Canoe in Toronto used to do a really cool sushi roll where the nori was replaced with paper thin beef tenderloin and flash grillled it), but to claim that fish and rice is "amazing" is surely pretentious. Flame away....

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          Clearly you've never had amazing'll know it when you have it :)