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Mar 15, 2006 11:05 PM

Kiwiberries.... where to get'em (in Calgary)?

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My coworker obtained Kiwiberries (aka mini-kiwis) from somewhere and gave me a few to try.

They're just like regular kiwi's, only that they're about the size of a kumquat.

Anyone know where (in Calgary or Edmonton) I can get some?

I found a site that has a short description of them.



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  1. I saw them at the local IGA out here in Vancouver as well as Safeway - so maybe give Safeway a call and see. Sunterra Market in Calgary sometimes has unique fruit offerings.

    1. Last weekend they has a kiwiberry demo at the westend Costco in Edmonton (149 St and Yellowhead) so I know that they had them then...

      1. Thanks - I'll have a look at Costco. I'm going to the farmer's market this weekend, hopefully they have them there too.