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best of Guelph

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This will be our first time in Guelph. What are your suggestions for best favorite restaurants? We enjoy ethnic food but any "not to be missed" suggestions would be great.

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  1. For best fine dining The Other Brothers downtown Guelph is my fave.


    1. When I worked in Guelph, I really enjoyed Curry in a Hurry (9 Cork St. East). They make tasty, fresh Indian food (and the prices aren't bad either).

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        i like curry in a hurry too, but i feel like i should put out a caveat here...

        they're good for 'fast food' type curry.

        they bring in food from an indian restaurant in kitchener and reheat it. it's tasty, but not fresh...

        last time i was there though the prices were great.

      2. Thank you so much for your recommendations!

        1. do a search on Guelph, there is at least one thread, but I think a couple. I have to say I retract what I have written in the past about Latinos, the last three times I have been there, I have been disappointed.

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            Carden Street Cafe, downtown. Fusiony Carribean food. Don't miss the mango mousse for dessert!

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              mmmmmm... carden street cafe. so good. i miss carden street cafe.

          2. So, I've recently started working on contract in downtown Guelph and this is the most recent thread with responses. I'm just wondering if there are any updates or new suggestions, especially some good lunch time places since the last post a little over a year ago.

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              Bin 23 is amazing i heard - my friend owns NV and they have small app dishes that are quite good - albion is always a good staple for anijitos/burgers - and the new roti place beside td downtown is quite good too...

            2. If you are interested in Chinese food then Wok's Taste accross from the arena is the place to go. I haven't been in about a hundred years but if they are still there the food will be great. hmmmm now I am very hungry maybe it is worth the drive to Guelph!