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Mar 7, 2006 03:33 PM

Steak in Edmonton

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After reading all the great reviews of Caesers steakhouse in Calgary, I am wondering if one exists in Edmonton? I will be there soon to visit, and am craving a great steak. If no Caesers exists in Edmonton, where is the best place for a great steak dinner?


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  1. Rafer:

    It is indeed a shame but there is no counterpart to Caesar's in this city. At least not since the Steak Loft closed many, many years ago and later followed by the Westin's Carvery.

    Hy's has a location here but I would not recommend it.

    Luxe [formerly Chance] is a nice physical plant but it does not compare favourably with Caesar's when it comes to steak although it does purport to "dry age" its meat.

    Unfortunately you usually are left to fend with the "chain type spots" like the Keg, Sawmill and Moose Factory.

    I was taken to the Moose Factory a few months ago and was quite disappointed with the quality of the steak I ordered.

    Otherwise you end up in a hit and miss type scenario depending what is available at spots like Sorrentino's, Jack's Grill, Hardware Grill, Colliseum Steak and Pizza and the like....can be very good but not necessarily so.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Wow...that's what I have heard. You would think Edmonton would be a top notch steak town. Looks like a day trip on Highway 2 south.

      1. re: Bob Mac

        I forgot to ask you, why would you not recommend Hy's?

        1. re: Rafer


          Unfortunately it is in my view "dated" and just overall does not deliver the appropriate quality and value for the price.

          Sure, you cannot get more "dated" in decor, menu, etc.. than Caesar's but it delivers if you are there to be a "carnivore" after all [grin] and you know you are there for what they provide.

      2. Cafe Bistro has a good filet mignon, and I really love the sunday Prime Rib dinner at Century Grill.

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        1. re: bert
          felix the hound

          A few years ago we had dinner at a restaurant in a hotel in Kamloops (my wife was too tired after our drive from Edmonton and refused to leave the hotel) . I ordered defensively and much to my surprise had an excellent sirloin baseball cut steak with frites. The place was called Ric's grill. I normally don't care for "chain" restaurants, and I have not been to the Ric's which opened in Edmonton, but if they have kept the same quality, it should be one of the better places to eat a steak in Edmonton.
          (By the way, I was invited for dinner at Hy's in Calgary and it was disappointing. My dinner companions were not that happy with their choices either. I have not been to the Edmonton one for years, in my opinion it is overpriced )

        2. For a guilty pub pleasure (and still a great goddamn steak), there's XWrecks on 50th street and (I think?) 101st avenue. Just a little ex-biker pub, but they still put on an astonishingly good steak.

          I particularly recommend their Steak Antipasto salad, which combines a great steak with a great ceasar salad.

          1. Coliseum steak and pizza serves the very best steaks in Edmonton. Try it with their excellent fried mushrooms as a side dish....great food...nice staff...

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            1. re: zapty

              May I comment that Edmonton's situation is representative of Canada as a whole...we simply pale when it comes to the great steakhouses of the US. I am no American flagwaver by any means, but I know that our best steakhouses would be considered second rate in the biggest American cities. When I was researching where to eat a good steak in Chicago, to where I traveled earlier this month, I was astonished by the number of viable options and the quality offered.

              I'm just not convinced that Canadians take their beef as seriously.

              1. re: anewton

                You maybe onto something in that my father was in Chicago some months ago and upon his return to Calgary informed us that he had the best steak he has ever had at Morton's.

            2. The original comment has been removed