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Mar 7, 2006 02:46 PM

Northern Italian in Calgary

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Foodie from L.A. and new in town. Am looking for some great Italian preferably Norhtern. I heard Centini's is wonderful but was wondering if there is anything in the mid price range or pizza joint that I should try. On a more simple note, I have also heard many nostalgic sighs about Earl's and found many locations in the phonebook. Is there an original one or are they all pretty much the same? Any other suggestions would also be welcome. We also like Thai, Sushi, Indian and anything off the beaten path.

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  1. Unfortunately, to get really good food here in Calgary, you generally have to pay mega-bucks. I recommend Brava Bistro or Divino Wine & Cheese Bar (it's a restaurant) but not for Italian. There's no good pizza here. Also, I didn't think that Centini's is so great. Some people recommend Mercato for Italian, but I haven't been there yet. Also expensivo I hear.
    So, yes -- Earl's is a good place to go for decent priced food. Their burgers are always good, and their ribs are really good too. Good wine list as well. I prefer the one on Fourth Street, but check first because they recently have had rennovations and I'm not sure if they've re-opened or not.

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      I'm sorry, but to say that "to get really good food here in Calgary, you generally have to pay mega-bucks" is preposterous. Have you been to Tiffin's, Shawarma King, Uptown Sushi, Soba Ten, Jonas, Atlas, Aida's, A and A, Diner Deluxe, The Siding Cafe, Sun Chiu Kee, and any of our city's dozens of good to great Vietnamese places? These outrageous bargains are not "really good food"?

      There's no good pizza here? Have you tried Pizza Bob's, Tom's, Sophie's, Nick's? Do you know that Pulchinella's is going to be bad? It sure looks promising to me, from what I've heard about it. Have you had pizza at Cilantro? It is AMAZING.

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        We have a difference of opinion. I've been to Soba Ten and I'd say it was okay, but not great. Aida's is good too for Middle Eastern. Diner Deluxe is overpriced, and frankly I don't enjoy waiting on line to pay 20 bucks for eggs that are no better than I could make myself. As for pizza, Pizza Bob's is too smokey and their pizza crust tastes too me like soggy motzah. Nicks is nothing special. So, as I said, we have a difference of opinion about what is really good and what constitutes mega-bucks. Never tried Cilantro's pizza, although I like the food there (a bit pricey though).

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          de gustibus non disputandum est

          I'll agree about Diner Deluxe for brekkie but it serves more than eggs.

          I never, ever eat at smoking establishment, so I get Bob's delivered.

          You have to try Tiffin's!!!!!

          There are hundreds of ethnic spots I didn't name where you can eat like a king for next to nothing. Last time we had dim sum at Harbour City it was not even 10 bucks a person.

    2. I would highly recommend the San Remo restaurant which is located in Oak Ridge in a strip mall. They specialize in Northern Italian cuisine and do a wonderful job! The food is consistently good and dinner for two with appetizers, main course, dessert and a bottle of wine usually costs us around $100 or so. If you go on a weekend, make sure you have a reservation as they are always busy.

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        San Remo has a very pretty location in Marda Loop too, but is it northern Italian?

        I'd suggest Sugo or Il Sogno for northern Italian. Yes they're expensive but northern Ital is an expensive cuisine, no way around that. And we love Centini.