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Jan 26, 2006 11:35 PM

Copacabana Rodizio Style Steakhouse - Niagara Falls

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One of the many Rodizio style Brazilian Steakhouses that are popping up all around North America these days (it's got to be a low carb thing), Copacabana is plagued by inconsistency in both food and service.

The salad bar contains an impressive looking array of foods that have nothing whatsoever to do with Brazil. Some pasta salads and a nicely done baked potato bar were amongst the standouts. On the other hand, the rice was blah and the black beans were inedibly bad. Pao de Quiejo, which is, admittedly, not a dinner food, but is usually found on these buffets was sadly missing - too bad, as it's one of those Brazilian things I feel extra nostalgic about.

Service was simply not great. Long stretches would go by without any of the meatcutters visiting our table and we often spent several minutes staring at empty plates. This may have been because we were the farthest away from the kitchen, but a few adjustments to the traffic patterns would have corrected it.

The meat itself ranged from fantastic (the first bacon-wrapped filet, the first garlic steak, the pork with pamegianno cheese) to dry (the beef ribs, the second bacon wrapped filet, the sausages) to completely non-appearing (the promised second kind of ribs, the promised prime rib, the tri-tip beef that made it to the tables around us but never to ours).

At $36 per person, the experience isn't cheap. If half the meat wasn't poor, it would be worth it, but it was, so it wasn't (did you get all that?) Add in the ridiculous drink prices ($4 for a third of a can of soda, even when imported, is insane) and the bill starts to feel more and more like a rip-off.

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  1. Thanks so much! We were considering trying it in the name of chowhounding but glad you got to it first!

      1. We heard some good things about Copacabana from friends, so we went last Saturday night. I read this post prior to going, so I was cautiously optimistic about it.

        On the busy nights, they recommend going early (6 pm) to ensure that your wait is not that long. We arrived around 6:30 pm, and our table for 2 was ready around 7:15 pm. People that came after us had to wait over 1 hour. We waited by the bar and watched the dancing girls when they came out at 7 pm. It was a fun show with some people joining in, dancing and having a good time.

        We were seated out on the patio, on the outer edge. I thought it was a great table, as it was not as noisy there, the weather was warm, and we had a nice breeze. The meat grilling area was near our table, so we got served very quickly. Our waitress Kate was very nice and cheerful – always around to see if we needed anything.

        We both thought the salad bar was excellent. I have no idea if any of the foods had anything to do with Brazil, but we enjoyed it. I liked the warm pita (?) for dipping. There was also a “hot” portion of the salad bar which had good dishes that kept on changing. The variety included: fried shrimp, calamari, seafood pasta, beef on rice, etc.

        On to the main reason why people go – the grilled meat – which we thought was very good. My favourite was the bacon-wrapped filet and she liked the roasted chicken. The pepper steak, buffalo chicken, sausages and lamb were also good. She did not like the parmesan pork, so I didn’t bother trying it. I don’t think we tried all the different types of meat, since we were full. You have to make sure to pace yourself with all the meat that is available.

        The roasted pineapple was a great touch at the end, and we also ordered extra fried bananas. Mmmmm.

        The pervious post talked about slow service, but we thought the service was great. The meatcutters were always around, and by the end, when they saw we were slowing down, they asked us if we wanted anything in particular. They would go get that skewer and bring it over. Extra kudos go to Yan, who was the fastest and most energetic meatcutter there. He mentioned that since he was the youngest guy there, he had to prove himself.

        We didn’t order any drinks at dinner, so the cost of the dinner was $36 x 2 people + tax and tip. Copacabana is not cheap by any means, but we thought it was decent value for what you got. If you order a filet at another restaurant, it can be that much anyway. Overall, it was a nice experience, but not something we would do on a regular occasion.

        Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse
        6671 Fallsview Blvd
        Niagara Falls, Ontario
        (905) 354-9706

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        1. re: ghetto_scarlem

          Copa is very, very good. I was there about 1½ years ago. The meat was melt in your mouth tender, and the servers are always nearby to serve you more. It was crazy busy, but you don't feel rushed. The Brazilian dancers are a real sight to see too!

          1. re: Brain of J

            Hahaha, more positive reviews than negative ones here. Hopefully, I'll try this place before the end of the summer. Gonna try to make a visit to the restaurant next time I play poker at Fallsview casino. ;)

        2. My cousin and wife went there not long ago and raved about it.
          We're heading down to go Jetboating soon and we've been told that's where we'll be having dinner.

          I shall report back as is SOP.


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          1. My friends and I dined here last Saturday (07/14/07) and we weren't impressed at all.

            First of all, if you don't have reservations expect to wait up to 2 1/2-3 hours before you can get a table. We arrived at 6 pm and did not get seated until 9:45! Needless to say, we were starving by the time they seated us. I have to admit though that the hostesses at the door did a great job in accomodating everyone and promptly gave us a table when we were finally called.

            The food was truly mediorce. Everything single piece of meat they served us was raw! I don't mind a little red in my meat, but everything they served was still mooing on the sword. Why couldn't they serve well cooked meat? A lot of other patrons were asking the same question. Maybe it was because of the number of people they had to serve, I don't know. But I've been to the Red Violin and never encountered a single piece of uncooked meat. The fried bananas were good though.

            So basically we had a 3 3/4 hour wait for uncooked food that cost $84.00. A complete and utter rip-off! This place just doesn't live up to the hype. And once the hype dies down it will crash and burn.