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Jan 17, 2006 10:27 PM

Looking for haggis

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Anyone know of a place where I can get a small amount of haggis (10 portions or so) to try out for Robbie Burns Day?

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  1. j
    just one drink

    Which city??

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    1. re: just one drink
      Devoted to food

      Sorry, looking for haggis in Calgary! Thanks!

    2. Following is an excerpt from another website.
      I suggest if Gordon's Fine Meats is sponsoring a haggis hurling, they probably make and sell it too!
      Easy to find- just google"haggis in Calgary"

      Bravehearts' Kilt Forum

      Haggis hurling in Calgary Alberta!

      Gordon Sinclair, owner of Gordon's Fine Meats, once again honours Scotland's national bard, Robbie Burns, with his annual haggis toss across the mighty Bow River.
      The toss is set for this Sunday, the 23rd, at 12:30pm.

      1. if you have not already found somewhere try this link

        1. The Best place I have found is Macewans Meats (Scottish Butcher) on Elbow drive. You can either buy a small haggis or haggis rounds (little pucks) that you pan fry in a little oil to have with breakfreast...

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          1. re: goleafsgo

            I had one from Bon Ton Meats upon 16th Ave NW. It was excellent - don't forget your neeps & tatties!!!

            Someone told me about Macewans on the weekend - it sounds great - I haven't eaten black pudding in years!!

          2. yes MacEwans is the best. don't forget the black pudding and whipped parsnips.

            I won't be participating in Burns dinner this year...but I will have my irn bru.

            But, if ye wish her gratefu' prayer,
            Gie her a haggis!

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            1. re: kritafo

              If you go to MacEwans, just remember to bring cash.