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Jan 12, 2006 08:13 PM

In search of butcher in Calgary

  • j

I am rather skeptical of the meat departments in Calgary's local grocery stores (ie Safeway, Superstore, Co-op). Does anyone recommend a good meat shop for lamb, beef and pork in Calgary?


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  1. I'd recommend Bon Ton in NW Calgary, the Stadium shopping Centre (same area as where Luciano's and the Stadium Keg is located).

    I've rarely seen them offer pork though, mostly free range chicken, beef, and lamb.

    I'm not sure of others, as Bon Ton is close to where I live.

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    1. re: bert

      Bon Ton has a good reputation.
      I like the Better Butcher in the South East, at Heritage and Fairmount. He also gets John Gilchrists seal of approval. Second To None Meats on 4th Street South West is also good. I've had reasonable stuff from Calgary Meats and Deli on Edmonton Trail, but I'm not pumped about it. I find the bad smells in Superstore to be a big turn off.

      1. re: Gobstopper

        second to none on 4th St Sw has always been excellent. Co-Op downtown on 11th St SW is as good a department store butcher you will find... theyll cut whatever you need, excellent variety, and they dry age beef.

        1. re: JJ

          I have to second this about co-op- excellent meat dept, at the midtown food boutique one at least. No reason to avoid it.

          1. re: John Manzo

            Second to None on 4th st is excellent. The owner is also the meat purveyor to many highly regarded Calgary restos, including Catch.

        2. re: Gobstopper

          Dredging up an old thread, but just wondering how folks have found Bob Ton for grocery items. I often buy my meat there, but today also picked some eggs and jerky (snack for me and my daughter on the way home) Jerky was by far the toughest specimen I've ever bought or even made. Upon cracking, the eggs seemed old having faint fishy smell..
          I'm all ears for suggestions on where to buy better, fresher eggs and a tenderer version of my highbrow snack of jerky... !

      2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Will give some of them a try.

        1. Hi JC - I know this post is nearly a year after your message, but there's a website now for Second To None Meats if you are interested in seeing what they offer or contacting them:

          1. I will timidly add the Rancher's Reserve brand at Safeway, available at the butcher counter. For price/taste ratio, it can't be beat.

            1. Regina's at the Stockyard Farmer's Market is excellent. We special ordered a pork butt from them and it was slaughtered on the Wednesday for pick up on Friday - doesn't get much fresher.