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Alloy in Calgary??

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Just wondering if anyone has heard of a new place in town called Alloy...? Possibly with the chef from Vintage?

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  1. No. Tell us more. Why do you ask? What have you heard?

    The "chef" from Vintage (well, exec chef) is (was?) Ned Bell, and he's involved with 8, the resto that will be attached to the (new) Mercury.

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      Waiting for Mercury

      Is the new Mercury open yet?

    2. there was mention of Alloy in the Calgary Herald from a week ago if you can get your hands on it.

      1. It is open next week. Alloy at 220 - 42 Ave. S.E. Going there at lunch to check it out. It is the chef from Vintage.

        1. ...found an ad for Alloy in the October issue of Avenue. http://www.alloydining.com/about.php The site doesn't have menus yet but does list Chef/Owners as Uri Heilik and Rogelio Herrera.

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            The web site has the menus up now.
            They look marvelous although the wine list barely has any Canadian offerings and only one local offering (Canadian) by the glass. Hmmmmmm. The menu does look enticing though.

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              I think the wine list is very well done, with the perfect amount of Canadian bottles.

          2. so i think alloy might be my new favorite restaurant...

            we had a vancouverite with us and he was very impressed too.

            we had to wait a few minutes for someone to seat us but the hostess was lovely and did acknowledge that we were there. the patio will be fantastic when it's finally warm enough. it's nicley closed in so you won't know where you are, which is good based on the strange location. I'm glad they are doing well.

            once we were seated we did have to wait a while before the hostess passed by in doing her rounds and realized we hadn't been given menus yet and no one had stopped by to take drink orders or anything. She was very apologetic, gave us menus right away and our server was there quickly.

            we were starving so quickly ordered some hummous and olives, but the server told us it was already on the way and on the house, I assume because of the wait. the hummous was lovely, tasted so fresh.

            the boy started with the greek village salad and our friend, the coconut curry sqash soup. the salad i got to pick at and it was so fresh and delicious, it looked like the first of the local tomatoes as well, not sure what they are called but they were purple with a bit of red, soooo good! and some of the nicest feta i've eaten in a long time too. the calamari was also the best i've had, i'm not a fan of calamari, i usually drown it in whatever sauce it comes with, but this stuff had no sauce and didn't need it one bit!

            Entrees were next, I had the trio of lamb, also best lamb i've had in a long time, cooked perfectly, lovely and tender - it was 2 chops, sirloin and meatloaf - who knew lamb meatloaf could be so delicious?!?! house made cous cous, that was delicious, some green beans and asparagus. The boy had the pork tenderloin, i got a bite and it was delicious, a nice tender cut, came with noodles and i saw some greens in there too. Our friend had the thai beef salad, the server told us they use the same beef as the tenderloin and it looked delicious, he enjoyed it.
            We also had a lovely bottle of wine - the Novella "synergy" from california - a nice blend of grapes that worked well with all our meals.

            the service was great, our server was a lot of fun and very attentive, except she didn't pour our wine, that was the only slip. A great experience, good value for the quality of food and a great room. We will go back. In addition to the hummous being free, our friend's martini was also on the house. A nice touch for something we weren't that upset about.

            1. We went to Alloy tonight for our 3rd anniversary. Both my husband and I were very impressed. We started out with the hummus and olives that were complimentary and an order of lobster tempura. The lobster was very tasty and came with a large piece of asparagus tempura as well. It was not the best tempura I've ever had but it was quite nice. I ordered the beef shortrib for my main. It was very tender and moist served with a purple potato mash and mixed vegetables. The serving was massive & I could not finish it. The flavor was sooo good. The only slight miss on the plate was the mixed vegetables. They were just okay and some of them (the carrots) were really salty. In the end it didn't matter b/c I didn't eat them so I could eat more shortrib. My husband had the pork tenderloin and it was very, very good as well. We didn't try any of the deserts b/c our baby was staying with friends while we dined. Instead we went by Nectar and picked up 4 tarts (Key Lime & Blueberry, Blackberry with white chocolate mousse, Smoky chocolate with sea salt caramel and Mango with Passion fruit). Definitely a great way to end the evening! We will be back to both Alloy and Nectar.

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                Where exactly is it located? Is it in the old Holiday Inn hotel at the corner of 42nd and Macleod?

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                  Google is your friend, scoot. 220 42nd Ave SE, which is east of Macleod and a little east of 1st SE.

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                    Not sure what it used to be. If you are traveling toward Macleod from Blackfoot on 42nd, It will be on your right. It does not look like a restaurant. It was some sort of other business at some point. There is a big sign out front though. My friend drove by it about 4 times before she finally found it so it is not that obvious.

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                      yeah, i was meeting friends there, and we both drove right passed it (heading east from macloed tr), realized our error, and nearly bumped into one another pulling a 'uwy' in the timbertown parking lot... Alloy may have a big sign, but we didn't see it... but it's worth the hunt.

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                        it used to be the Fairmont Law offices...at least that's what the hostess told us - designed by MDB architects