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Sushi Club / Club Sushi - Calgary

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Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on 'Sushi Club' (might be called Club Sushi) It is located in Kensignton. We want to go for Sushi next week and we want it to be FRESH...any leads?

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  1. My Favorite Sushi Place In Town. Fresh, fun, and delicious sushi, modern, understated decor, relaxed vibe. A 10.

    1. Everyone seems to really like it (Miles too), but i only had an average experience there. Prices were a bit high, creativity was definitely there, freshness was average. Good service, nice place, but not topping any lists anytime soon for me. Was roughly on par with Sushi Bar Zipang, Wa's, and places like that.

      1. My local sushi joint. Prices are a bit high but I have found the quality and creativity to be outstanding. I have not had a bad experience or meal there, although I do prefer the prices at Uptown Sushi. Their Kensington roll is excellent.... even with the neon green tobiko (my assumption it's tobiko).

        I do recommend you make a reservation it is quite busy.

        ever hungry

        1. Been there twice and not very impressed. Service was very friendly but also very slow, even for dinner when I was the only one there (this was right around 5; the place does do very good business but not that early). The sushi was not poor, but really reminded me of Toronto sushi places with not very good value and the odd Toronto fixation on using corn flakes in maki. One of the rolls was outstanding- I don't recall which one- but 4 rolls (one of them a "giant" maki) cost me something like $25 for dinner- this strikes me as excessive (though again, oddly, another confluence with sushi in Toronto).

          JWh, I really do recommend you try Uptown Sushi, with the caveat that you avoid it early in the lunch period because the rice seems less toothsome at that time (before 11:30). Chef Michael is trained in Vancouver and his work is impressive, the fish is FRESH, and there is precisely the sort of emphasis on simple but elegant maki and the like that you see in Vancouver (vs the cornflakes, rococo and mayo all over the place you find in Toronto and some Calgary places). The fact that the sushi is unbearably cheap (it literally gives Vancouver a run for the money in this regard, really the only Calgary place to do so) is icing on the cake.

          1. I really like Sushi Club, but I think the sushi might be better, and not appreciably more expensive, at Zipang.

            1. Sushi Club K'z is the best sushi in Calgary. I see that people think that it is a little pricey, however considering the freshness and the creativity, it is a reasonable price. Theres is alot of Japanese restaurant in Calgary but, this is the only place you eat "real" sushi.

              1. I thought it was quite good when I went. Very creative and 'different' rolls. Everything was fresh when I went, though I did not have any sashimi (usually my staple at a Japanese restaurant, but I wanted to try all their different rolls.)

                It is a bit more expensive, but worth it once in awhile in my opinion.

                1. Sushi Club is my favorite sushi place. I have tried many sushi place, and Sushi Club in my opinion has the best variety and selection of fish.

                  For those who haven't tried, I strongly recommend doing a horizontal tasting of all three Salmon (Sockeye, Coho, and Atlantic). No other sushi place in Calgary that I know of has all three.

                  1. Sushi Club has the best sashimi by far in the city, I think. Prices are a bit higher but I've never had bad fish here.

                    My friend who has lived in Calgary much longer than me said her first impression of it a few years ago was that it was mediocre, but when we went several weeks ago, she really enjoyed it, saying that it had changed a lot.

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                      I went there a couple of years ago for lunch. It was decent, but it didn't blow me out of the water.

                      I guess it's time for me to return!

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                        Andree- I promise to give them another shot since as I look my last visit was 2005!

                        Tenshi is pretty damn good BTW. All this sushi, my head is spinning...

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                          I always keep my promises- and I promised to try Sushi Club again, and did for lunch today. I got two rolls (spicy tuna crunch and the one with seared tuna and burdock, among other things) and four pieces of nigiri, two each unagi and cajun prawn. I will say that it was delicious, although the burdock was crispy, and that was a bit distracting, but flavours were very good. I was a little disappointed with the rolls- they both were outside rolls with a thin strip of rice "missing" from the underside and nori showing through,and were rolled super tight so that the rice was smashed together- yes this assured that the rolls didn't disintegrate but you need a balance- at one end you have El's, which are rolled loosely and sometime sloppily, and then you have rolls like these that are almost like, well, bread pudding. I honestly thing that the best in town are Jenny's at Uptown, firm in the hand but still melt-in-your-mouth loosening when you consume it.

                          The nigiri was superb, nice warm crispy unagi and the gunkan boat thing with the spicy prawn was just lovely- rich and spicy flavour there too. Rice for nigiri seems better done than for maki, for whatever reason.

                          I can't say this is the best in town, but my goodness, my sushi cup overflows in Calgary these days. I can go to any of Sushi Club, El's, Uptown, Blowfish, O Shima, Tenshi, Globefish, or Sukiyaki House and, depending on what I order at each, be taken to heaven for a few moments. And I STILL have never been to Wa's, Zipang, or Momoyama!

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                            A very fair review, John! I'm glad you gave it another chance. :-)

                        2. I had dinner at Sushi Club tonight. They were serving a special that I have never seen before - Aburi Salmon with Habanero Tobiko and mayo.
                          It is Alantic Salmon sushi that has been quickly seared with a torch and topped with a squiggle of mayo sauce and bright red roe that has been mixed with habanero chilies.
                          It was very tasty - the tobiko gives it a nice little kick - I shovelled down a whole order myself.
                          4 pieces for just under $10.

                          A picture of habanero tobiko.

                          1. Last time I ate at Sushi Club, they were running a feature roll that was something along the lines of a California roll but it also had Cornflakes in it. Seemed weird and random, so the SO and I had to try it. I was amazed! So, so good. Now, I crave the Cornflake crunch every time I go out for sushi.

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                              I encountered a lot of cornflakes in maki in Toronto- must be a thing. I rather like it!