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Nov 15, 2005 03:17 AM

Bistro Twenty Two Ten - Calgary

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I am moving back to Calgary from Paris this december and checking out the scene before I get there. Any one heard anything about this place? It pops up just mentioned in one article, other than that I can't find anything about it. 2210 4th Street SW.


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  1. It opened up a couple weeks ago where Mortal Coil used to be. It's at 2210 4 St SW. They've done quite a bit of work inside since it was Mortal Coil (I think). I ate there for lunch a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed my sandwich. I had a portabella mushroom sandwich with goat cheese and a roasted red pepper coulis. The bread was a great bread and the sandwich was served with a small pile of very skinny fries that were great. It's not a huge menu, but there are a few more things that I really want to try...and I think I'm going to head for dinner there before too long to check out the dinner menu and the wine list.

    I walked by it one evening this past weekend and I think every table was full.

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      Oh, maybe I should have added - the lunch menu had a few appetizers (can't think of any off hand), a couple different flatbreads, a few sandwich options and at least two entrees (I think one was a chicken breast in a balsamic reduction and the other possibly a beef stir fry?).

    2. Ate there last night. Food not particularly good, especially given the high prices. I had a steak - thin and greasy. My wife a had tuna wrapped in potato, I think it was, which she said was very good, although it seemed to me to be more wraping than tuna. Wine by the glass servings were very skimpy. When I protested, the server claimed it was five ounces. Afterwards, at home, by using a measuring cup I checked what five ounces looks like - no way do I believe the servings were five ounces (or one fifth of a bottle)- I would guess more like two or three! (I've had the perception of very small wine-by the-glass servings at a few places recently - this was just more extreme.) Expresso good, but very expensive ($3.50). The whole experience gave the feeling of being pretentious and over-priced. Will not return.

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        THREE FIFTY FOR AN ESPRESSO? Not even Teatro has that much gall!

        I just had a PERFECT shot, and I mean PERFECT, and a great little Italian place in Toronto called Terroni, and it was $2. The margins on coffee are massive (startup is high but the price per shot for espresso is as little as 20 cents), so there is NO excuse to be charging that much!

      2. Hello all,

        I went to this restaurant and found the portions fair and the prices reasonable. The measuring of 5 ounces in a measuring cup to judge portion fairness is quite curious. Would one not need to have the original glass to ensure their detective work was sound? Glassware can be deceiving. As for the comment about the place being pretentious, you cannot "select" your clientele on a given night. Bistro 2210 has a nice room, great music (love the mix of ambient/house/downtempo) but will not please everyone. I was reminded of great bistros in NY and Paris. Maybe I'm pretentious? There are enough "safe" restaurants playing banal music to diners in Calgary. It is refreshing to know that there are options. I remember being treated to Country music at The Belvedere one night.....

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          Ryan we all know you love Country Music and requested it.

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            The food is excellent! (pricing very reasonable). The decor was also amazing. I had a great dining night there and cannot wait to go back.

          2. talk of overpricing is ludicrous. Was suprised how inexpensive the meals were (typical meal in Earl's-range). Delicious across the board, have eaten there three times now. Your server greatly affects the dining experience. The maitre'd with the french name (can't remeber) is fantastic and really made the experience.
            The blonde guy is terrible however, having heard "Are you quite content?" five times in a row and upon departure was too much (perhaps this is where the pretentious comments come from).
            Food's great though, especially the tuna wrapped with potato and the squash soup with maple and vanilla; and its more tuna than potato, contrary to the above opinion. As such, these are just my opinions.