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Oct 29, 2005 08:15 PM

Ottawa -- House of Spring Rolls

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I believe that's its name. It's in Mechanicsville. We were feeling peckish around 4 p.m. and stopped for take-out -- you guessed it, spring rolls. They offer about eight or so different kinds (as well as pho and other dishes). The deep fried pork ones were very tasty, though I thought they were a bit greasy. The rice paper BBQed pork rolls were fabulous. They also offer different kinds of hot sauces -- at least five. The Vietnamese coffee over ice was out of this world. The place is nicely decorated too -- the owner really seems to care.

I am obsessed with Vietnamese cuisine lately! :-)

FYI, you can buy great BBQ pork from Manphong and make your own rice paper rolls. They're fab!

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  1. Thank-you for your information...I will try both!

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    1. re: deborah

      I don't know if it's really worth a special trip out of your way, Deborah. Please, not on my recommendation! I only had the two types of spring rolls and it was more a quick pop in and pick 'em up kind of deal. I haven't tried any of their main dishes yet.

      1. re: errant

        We went back again today for rolls and vermicelli. The BBQ chicken and shrimp vermicelli bowl was fab, as were the wraps and coffees.

    2. Ummm, at risk of looking like a dumb-ass Torontonian, where on earth is Mechanicsville??? Thanks, Errant! This sounds like exactly the sort of place I should try out when I'm in Ottawa next month. :)

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      1. re: Jane

        Mechanicsville is roughly the area around Wellington Street, east of Holland and west of Bayswater.

      2. Is the correct name? (near Wellington and Parkedale).

        And do they deliver?

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        1. re: Christine

          I *think* it is the correct name. Sorry, but I don't know about delivery.

        2. Dunno if this helps but I thought I'd post it anyways.

          Springroll House Cafe
          Tel: (613) 728-3544
          1093 Wellington St
          Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y4