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Oct 23, 2005 02:18 PM

Best Pizza?

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I have been on a quest for great pizza for some time. In Winnipeg, my favourite is Loona Rosa (Hearty, thick, loaded with toppings - The feta/olive/tomato Greek is especially good). Other notables are Casa Grande and Mona Lisa.

Does anybody have any suggestions on other great pizzas; particularly in Western Canada?

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  1. Have you tried Romani on Pembina ?

    1. Gondola Pizza in calgary has winnipeg-style thin crust (if that's what you're looking for)

      1. I finally gave Gondola a try last week- it was good, and I can honestly say I've never had a thin crust quite like it- it's pastry, kind of like pie crust. I'm in Calgary and they do have a few locations here but my understanding is that they're a Winnipeg institution.

        1. I went to boarding school in Winnipeg. Our go-to pizzas were Tony's on Pembina (I understand it has been through several ownership changes over the years, I wonder how good it still is?) for thin crust. We also enjoyed another place on Pembina, Garwood Grill, which is a greasy spoon that serves thick, gooey, cheesy delicious pies. Gondola Pizza was a last resort for us, I'm afraid. A recent visit back to Winnipeg confirmed that they haven't improved at all over the last 20 years either!

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            I can definitely second the Garwood Grill on Pembina Hwy in Winnipeg. It seems like a lifetime ago since I was last there, but I remember the Garwood as the only place our college crowd considered for late night gooooood pizza, even though it was not near the college. If they're still there and still making those same pies, they're probably busier than ever in their less than stellar surroundings. I'd go for one tonight if I still lived in the 'peg! - Mrs. GaryR

          2. If you like a good Winnipeg-style thin crust Pizza sort of like Gondola,before they started to suck. I reccommend Pizzaland. They have locations on Main Street and Portage ave. Their prices are great and the thin crust pizza is the best I've had. I must admit, I used to love Gondola Pizza as well, but they have gone steadily downhill somehow. They are also a bit pricey last time I checked. I fondly remember the weird white-pepper-based spice they used to have in shakers on their tables. That stuff was great!

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              Best Winnipeg Pizza is Mr.B's in Transcona. No really. The best in Winnipeg. Try it.
              They raise the bar several feet above most of the pizza sold in Wpg.

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                Dear Nateloaf,

                I just read your email about Gondola pizza and the white spice. I am also a fan of that spice. One can purchase it at any Gondola pizza restaurant. It is called Chili powder. A bit pricey but I add it to lots of my own home made pizza for that 'Gondola' taste. Just thought that you might like to know. Linda in Winnipeg

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                  Tried Pizzaland for the first time last week. Yummy plus, very similar to Gondola. Lots of topping ( Suzie's special) Prices were much better than Gondola. Thin crust was really good. Will definitely try it again. Thanks for the Rec!