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Oct 18, 2005 07:57 PM

Ottawa breakfast suggestions

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Hi there - Toronto chowhounds heading to Ottawa for a quickie visit this month. Looking for a tasty mid-week breakfast spot with great coffee. I did a search of the board - Le Boulanger Francais sounds like a good option or maybe Wild Oat or Zak's. We're staying at the Novotel - if we could walk, that would be great but we'll have a car so a drive is okay too. Thanks for any help.

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  1. Zucchero on Queen street (@Lyon) is very nice. Great cappuccino and lovely breakfast sandwiches. Very yummy potatoes. Not a lot of brekky options for a sweet tooth, though.

    If you have time you could walk there in about 20 minutes. Driving would be quick but parking might be scarce or expensive midweek (although not by Toronto standards ;-)

    The Boulanger Francais is lovely too, but I think you'd be getting it to take out during the week (although there are a few stools you could score).

    have a nice time!

    1. At the back of Le Boulanger Français, there is a café called Benny's Bistro where you can get table service. They used to serve brekkie from 8 a.m. - maybe they still do.

      Other good places:
      the Manx pub on Elgin for stick-to-your-ribs but not heavy food;
      Cora's for a Québécois meal, complete with cretons;
      Sconewitch on Queens St. (I think you can figure out what that one's for);
      Kettleman's Bagels - try the cheese bagels, the ones that look like pastries;
      and the Wild Oat, which you mentioned, for healthy/hearty grub.

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        Is Benny's Bistro open on weekdays? That would be wonderful.

        The Manx definitely doesn't do brekky on weekdays,though. Sorry Peppermint Pate.

        1. re: Mary Louise
          peppermint pate

          We ended up going to Benny's Bistro as it was an easy walk from our hotel. I loved the warm smell of baked goods that enveloped us as we walked into the bakery from the street. Benny's has nice bright colours. Espresso coffees (illy) were very good. Hubby ordered bacon and eggs - instead of bacon on the side, they diced it with the fingerling potatoes which had been roasted. Sublime. Side of toast was great. I had the goat cheese and spinach frittata - it was a bit watery (I think the spinach hadn't been squeezed out) but still tasty. We split a croissant which was good, though I actually found it a bit on the heavy side. If you're ever in Toronto, check out Rahier or Bonjour Brioche which have flakier and, imo, better croissants. Service was very friendly and all in all, a lovely spot for a mid-week breakfast. Many thanks for the suggestions.

          1. re: peppermint pate

            Thanks for posting where you went and what you thought. So often we give suggestions and then never heard whether the person went or if they liked it or not. Much appreciated! :-)

      2. Stoneface Dolly's has brunch on Friday from 8am to 11:30am at the Bronson Street location only. Then of course brunch on the weekends at both Bronson and Preston Street locations. The brunch / breakfast is very good.

        1. How come no one recommends Perkins Restaurant & Bakery at 1130 St Laurent Blvd?

          We went there with our friends from Toronto to have breakfast there on Sunday. The restaurant is always packed with customers and we have to line up for 15 minutes to get our table.

          Their bakery is made fresh every day. The atmosphere was great! It is a good place to enjoy your breakfast. My friends from Toronto said they will go to Perkins for breakfast when they come to Ottawa next time.

          1. If you are looking for gourmet breakfast, I'd stick to Stoneface Dolly's. The Sconewitch, if you're not too hungry and you enjoy excellent scones that smell like a little peice of heaven. Some might say Cora's, but I'm not a fan. It's a chain, and yes they give you huge portions but who wants to eat that much for breakfast?

            If you are looking for a consistently good greasey spoon breakfast, But with freshfruit on the site and a small peice of chocolate to go alongside. I'd go to Leuitenant's pump. I know, it's a bar, but they have good standard breakfasts for $4.95, 2 eggs, ham, toast, etc.

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            1. re: food_curious_ottawa

              I have to disagree about the recommendation for Stone Face dollies. Although the food is passable (I have only been there for breakfast), the service is horrific (Preston Street location). I have had the same experience a couple of times and now refuse to go back. I am way too hungry in the morning to wait over an hour for eggs. Although they only serve breakfast on the weekends, the Manx and Chez Lucien rank high for me. Weekday breakfast is always at Mellos on Dalhousie. Get there before 11 for early bird prices!

              1. re: Julie Woo

                I didn't realize Chez Lucien did a brunch... is it typical eggs, meat, potato? How much does it run you?

                1. re: chimichimi

                  Brunch at Chez is not for the faint of heart. There are only four choices on the menu: eggs benedict, eggs pacific, another eggs/hollandaise variation and the croque monsier (croissant with tomato covered in cheese and broiled). Each breakfast is served with salad and their famous french fries (or they should be famous). I think each meal runs at 7 or 8 bucks - same as the burgers - and absolutely worth it. Its a heavy morning meal (no granola and yogurt in sight) but every once in a while I can't resist. Also, one of the guys in the kitchen brings in the Sunday edition of the New York Times, so sitting at the bar with coffee, breakfast and the times has become my favorite time to be at Chez.