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Oct 3, 2005 12:36 PM

Eat at Tiffin's or DIE!

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Okay, now that I have your attention...

We went to Tiffin's Curry and Roti House after a too-long absence (28th St SE just NORTH, not SOUTH despite "SE") of Memorial, a short walk from the Franklin C-Train station, on Saturday.

We got 2 thalis, one meat/veg, one meat/veg/dhal, and a dozen rotis (these are made right in front of you on a conveyer belted machine- fascinating and it really gets your appetite popping). Tiffin's thalis are dished out right in front of you, cafeteria style, and the bowls of curry are definitely larger than others I have had (think small cereal bowls). We had a mild beef curry, a fantastic, better-than-moti-mahal-at-less-than-half-the-price butter chicken, green beans, aloo gobi, and dhal, with rice and two chutneys (we had an intense chili condiment and another that I didn't taste, coriander I think it was); we each got 2 rotis with this but we upped it to a dozen order. I cannot overstate this: rotis are made IN FRONT OF YOU, hot to order, and to say that they are delicious is an understatement. Dipped in the butter chicken- God. Oh God. My partner made Indian tacos with his. As you wish, just eat the damn things. Amazing food.

We could not finish everything, and we're big eaters who arrived famished.

The bill? $22. Next to New Bilan Somali resto in TO, this is simply the best value that I've found in Canada. It is better than downtown Indian at three times the price.

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  1. I don't wanna die. But I don't know where Tiffin's is.


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      I'm so sorry- here i complain about people not indicating "Vancouver" as if everyone lives there and I do the same thing.

      Calgary, on 28th St SE just north of Memorial Drive, across the street from Short Pants Plaza. In Short Pants is also an array of ethnic options (Iraqi, Jamaican, Sushi, Chinese)

      1. re: John Manzo

        Short Pants Plaza? I think you're making this stuff up! : D

    2. d

      Hmmm, I went to Tiffin's today and though the concept is fairly novel for Calgary, and the food is freshly made, I found the curries on the watery side, and the butter chicken quite average. Moti Mahal's is still in my opinion the best place to go to in Calgary for Indian food... Tiffin's has a cafeteria, food court style feel to it, and for the $13 I paid for two small helpings of meat curry, rice and chutney, I would rather spend a few more dollars at Moti Mahal.

      1. Is this restaurant still around?

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        1. re: Jetgirly

          Absolutely - do yourself a favour and ensure to have the Masala Mogo (sp?).

        2. Took my guests here instead of Anju (see other thread). Last time I saw one was at the Bengal Lounge at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria; something like $28 for World's Tiniest and Most Boring Indian Buffet in World's Coolest Indian Buffet Room. They thought Tiffin was super-adorable and one friend went back to get a picture of her with the roti machine! Also, Short Pants Plaza was considered most definitely photogenic!

          I had the potato-chickpea curry (good, first bite was scarily spicy but every other bite was pretty mellow) and the mixed vegetable curry (so creamy... so bad it's good!), with rice and rotis (whole wheat!). Condiments were hit and miss (one was referred to as "paprika water" but the raita was good). Masala mogo was awesome but the three of us couldn't finish it with all of our other food. Mango lassi was more like a mango smoothie... not a lot of yogurt flavour there. I paid less for all of the food and drinks than we did for one meal and drink at the Bengal Lounge a few months ago, so they were impressed!

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          1. re: Jetgirly

            Jetgirly -my mouth waters. :)

            record created and link added:

            Tiffin Curry & Roti House
            188 28 St SE, Calgary, AB T2A, CA

            1. re: Jetgirly

              You have to go back for the spicy beef ribs! So mouth-watering...

              1. re: Jetgirly

                Actually, I was going to suggest Indian, but I didn't want to hijack the other thread - I'm not vegetarian but the best vegetarian food I've had was in India (in areas where I think the sanitation/food supply chain is dodgy). Daal is my go-to food in remote places, delicious and sure to be safe.

                I haven't been to Tiffin (last time I was in that location it was still Koryo) I've been meaning to go for a few years now. I'll be sure to try it soon :-)

                1. re: hsk

                  This place is right by my work and I have been here quite a few times. Great prices and the freshest roti in the city for sure. I tend to stay away from their butter chicken which is quite bland I find. Just wish they put a little more heat into their curries as they are all quite mild. The cabbage curry which is not available every day is a real standout, I have begged more than once for their recipe! I'm always in a rush and have not had a chance to order the beef ribs but they look yummy.

              2. Good Call John! I LOVE this place! A little known superstar is their veggie samosa. YUMMY!!!! I also really like the vegetable curry and think all their home made chutneys are the BEST!