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Aug 24, 2005 05:24 PM

Restaurants in New Brunswick

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We will be visiting some family in New Brunswick this fall and are having a hard time getting useful information on New Brunswick restaurants, especially Fredericton and Moncton. Can anybody help us?
thanks you

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  1. As others have pointed out, Fredericton isn't really known as a "culinary mecca" of New Brunswick, but there is still a variety of good restaurants to choose from, without having to resort to the fast-food chains.

    For some ideas, I've listed 22 of them over three pages of my F'ton travel pages at, and you're welcome to check them out. By the way, I am not in the restaurant business, nor is anyone in my family, so my reviews are my own, and unbiased. See

    Hope you find one that appeals to you.

    1. In Moncton, Calactus is a great vegetarian restaurant. Has a varied and imaginative menu; everything is prepared with fresh ingredients, with great, friendly service. My favorite restaurant in the area. It is on Mountain Road, close to downtown.

      1. Here is the deal for Saint John and aera:

        Suwanna - excellent, authentic thai in West Saint John. Green and duck curries are to die for. The stuffed eggplant is also killer. Don't much care fopr their pad thai though, but this may be personal perference.

        Sam Pam - Toronto Chinatown quality dim sum on Saturday and Sunday mornings. My faves are the bean sprout fried noddle (amazing!!!!), fish egg and pork dumpling, sticky rice, BBQ pork bun, savory triangle, spring rolls, chow chui(???) dumplings, fried dumpling (make sure they bring the vinegar).

        I also had an amazing meal at the Rossmount Inn in St. Andrews this past summer. This is by far the best food I have ever eaten in New Brunswick and is on par with food that will cost 2 or 3 times as much in Toronto. I think they have a stay-and-dine package which includes a 3 course meal for about $80 per person. That is a pretty good deal for the food alone. When I called I upgraded to a 5 course tasting menu for an extra $15 pp. The meal was truely amazing. Much of the food is locally sourced.

        Check it out....