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Aug 9, 2005 01:55 PM

P.E.I. Where to Eat?

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We will be here 3 more weeks and are looking for good seafood at a modest price. Our best find so far is Shipwreck Cafe overlooking Shipwreck Cove. Any suggestions?

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  1. Give Rick's Fish & Chips in St Peters a try.

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      I second Bob's recommendations for the Merchantman Pub, and especially the Water Prince Corner Store (very informal, plastic table clothes, family run - amazingly fresh food). As well Off Broadway for more formal dining, Cedars for great Lebanese, really nice Italian spot I forget the name of across from the Confederation Centre in the mall on the second floor. Outside of town, stop for fresh Malpeque oysters in Malpeque at one of the local diners. Murphys Brew Pub (not sure of this name - located right across from Off Broadway) has great beers made locally, not sure of the food. Have fun, say hello to the staff at Off Broadway from Chris Williams, used to work upstairs at the 42nd street lounge while I was innkeeping at The Inns on Great George.

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        Good to hear from you Chris...watched a repeat of a business show on the CBC last nite that was obviously filmed in part on Chesterman Beach and in the beachside addition to the Wick...

        Recognized Mike DeWitt as one of the businessmen being counselled...made me want to get back out there...a couple of more months and we'll see you again

        Back to PEI food before the Chowhound team gets upset [grin]

        The pub you mentioned I think is The Gahan House. Good house brewed ale as you mentioned.

        I think they also owned McAssey's adjacent to the multi-media Confederation display further down the waterfront area past the Water-Prince store.

        Given its location I expected it to be a "tourist trap" with deep-fried this and that....however turned out to be anything but...very trendy, interesting food and the best wine list apart from Off Broadway...unfortunately I do not think that the locals enjoyed it and I am told it went out of business...

        I know the restaurant you mentioned on the 2nd flr of the Mall...had a good lunch but cannot recall the name...entered via the mall and then exited by descending down a flight of stairs to the street level

        There is the Sirenella across from the Prince Edward as well for Italian

        A person from PEI recommended the Pilot House for fine dining. It was not there during our last visit.

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          The restaurant on the 2nd level of Confederation Court Mall is called "Piece a Cake".

    2. One spot we missed during our trip to PEI was the Water-Prince Corner Store down near the waterfront in Charlottetown close to that multi-media display on Confederation.

      As I have related in other posts, we walked right by it as I mistook it for just that, a corner store rather than a restaurant.

      Not just seafood, but the food at the Merchantman Pub near the Delta Hotel was good and surprisingly varied.

      1. When we were in Charlottetown we found the only Greek restaurant on the Island, I think the name is Mikos.
        The food was fresh and very tasty, it is located in the street across from the Arts Centre on Richmond St.
        We also ate at the FishBone (no flavour), Rick's Fish on St. Peters was great too.

        1. Troutpoint:

          Thank you, yes it was "Piece a Cake" I was trying to remember.

          Speaking of PEI dining. I read elsewhere that the chef is leaving the Day Boat. Anyone know if this is true and where he is going. It had not opened during the time of our last visit to PEI.

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            We tried to eat there this past summer. We couldn't make reservations over the phone. (There was an outgoing message, but no way to leave an incoming one...kind of like your Doctor's office..) We sent an email on the Monday requesting reservations for a table on the Thursday, and left our cell number and email to confirm the reservation. We didn't hear anything form them till 3pm on Thursday (The day that we wanted to eat there.) By that point, not knowing if we had a table, we had already made other plans.
            Also, having spoken to several Islanders that had eaten there, there was a varied opinion as to whether it was worth the "trouble" to get there. (It is 15-20 minutes from Charlottetown)
            All that having been said, I haven't heard anyting about him leaving Dayboat. I was under the impression that he had a stake in it?

          2. The chef did leave Dayboat.
            He is being replaced this year by Stefan Czapalay.
            I'll let you decide whether this is a good or bad thing.

            Some of my favorite restaurants:
            Churchill Arms- Far better Indian food and service than the so called Indian restaurant, Royal Tandoor. Pass on that restaurant.

            Outriders- Amazing value and great service.

            Pilot House is very good.

            Off Broadway is one of my favorites.

            Sirenella is a little hit and miss. More hit than miss though.

            Dundee Arms is very good though they tend to have somewhat bland food. Perhaps not a great dollar for dollar choice as they are among the most expensive restaurants on the Island.

            Smuggler's Jug has good pub food and low prices.