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Aug 1, 2005 08:03 PM

1st Calgary Visit

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Two of us will be visiting this next weekend (3 nites)from California and I'd appreciate some suggestions on places for great "people watching" along with good food. We eat everything, but particularly like East Indian, Sushi, and tapas (small plates). We're looking for an attractive environment along with an attractive crowd and, of course, the chow. Also, is there any "must try" lunch place out toward Lake Louise?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Welcome to Calgary!

    There might be a disjunct between the beautiful people and the cuisines you mention, but here goes:

    For "people watching" and lovely peeople to watch, I'd recommend Brava Bistro and The Living Room on 17th Ave, Divino's, Murriettas, Belvedere, Teatro, and The Metropolitan Grill on Stephen Ave, River Cafe on Prince's Island Park, Sugo in Inglewood, Muse in Kensington, Wildwood on 4th Street SW

    For innovative Indian food AND a very glam crowd (much of the time), try Mango Shiva, also on Stephen Ave. Towa Sushi is my favourite sushi in Calgary in a very cool, archictural space on 4th Street that has an attractive crowd and a nice patio too.

    Some of the best Indian and sushi are not in the most people-watching-friendly places; for example many aficianados say that Sushi Hiro is the best in town but it's in an uninspiring location in the CBD but not on Stephen Ave; similarly, perhaps the best Indian in town is Glory of India, on 4th Ave and 4th Street, also downtown but in a rather dim room and in a part of downtown that sees more tumbleweeds than people after 6.

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      Rusty Miller

      With respect to lunch spots toward Lake Lousie I would go to Crazyweed on the main street in Canmore (half way to lake Louise). It is a down home little spot with great food. It is a great spot - try the lamb sandwich. Also inLake Louise itself the Post Hotel is an excellent high end eatery.

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        FAT Traveler

        Thanks John and Rusty. I'll report back after the trip. As always, it's great info from the Northern "Hounds".

        1. Just past Lake Louise (20 mins going west) is the very small town of Field, British Columbia, in this rather unassuming town is Truffle Pigs restaurant. This place has outstanding bistro food and on a summer's night a BBQ on the patio with a view of the Canadian Rockies that cannot be beat. If it's on the menu the night you're there I highly recommend the Buffalo ribeye, best piece of meat on the planet.

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