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Jul 7, 2005 04:38 PM

Winnipeg - late/all night diner near airport???

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We're flying to Yellowknife in a couple of weeks and have a nasty layover in Winnipeg, midnight to 6am! I was hoping to find an all night diner or someplace we could hang out for a couple of hours to reduce the time sitting at the airport. Google turned up nothing so I thought I'd ask on this board.

Anyone familiar with the city have any suggestions?


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  1. There are not very many options in Winnipeg at that time of night. If you are willing to cab it out of the airport I would suggest Papa George's on the corner of River& Osborne (probably a $10-15 fare). They are open until 4pm and serve the usual pizza, Greek etc all quite tasty. Salisbury House which is Winnipeg institution is also open all night. There are many locations- the cabbie would know them and they serve typical greasy spoon fare- famous for their hamburgers known as "nips".
    Closer to the airport you will be stuck with Perkins or similar. I wish you luck.

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      There is a Salisbury House restaurant at 1860 Ellice Avenue, a 5 minute cab ride from the airport, that is open 24 hours. Call the restaurant at 783-2242 to confirm.