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Jul 4, 2005 06:58 PM


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Hi! We are travelling thru, this August, and would like some recommendations for jaded parents to have a night out, without the kids....nothing too posh, but tasty with a good representation of local foods...and no crayons!!
many thanks in advance

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  1. Somebody on this board has mentioned previously about Mazatlan restaurant. It has amazing mexican food, and it is a must-go whenever we go to Nelson. It is run by a mexican family, and the food is authentic (i.e., NOT what you'll find at Taco Bell). We've busted our bellies here. You know when you're full, but you just can't stop eating because it's so good and then you have an overeating hang-over the next day? Like that. You could probably take the kids here, though.

    More elegant but by no means snooty is the All Seasons Cafe, which refers to itself as 'left-coast inland' cuisine. Prices are mid-range, but appropriate. The summer menu looks pretty sweet. We have had just one meal here, but the accolades are deserved. We are vegetarian and found ample choice - it was well prepared and nicely presented food. This is probably your best choice in Nelson for civilized child-free dining.

    Nelson is such a cool, laid back town; we wish we could live there...


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      I love the All Seasons' Cafe: wish we had one here in Calgary.

    2. On a step up the "posh" ladder.... just outside of Nelson a few kilometres on the North Shore road that leads to Kokanee Creek Provincial Park there is/was a restaurant called Fiddler's Green or Fiddler on the Green. We ate there a couple of years ago (unless my memory is failing me) and it was execllent. It was kinda fancy but my wife and I showed up in shorts and sandles (we were camping at Kokanee Creek) and no one blinked an eye or looked sideways at our attire.

      I can assure you there were no crayons on the tables, but the wines were outstanding.

      ever hungry

      1. thanks guys,
        I think we'll do a family night out at Mazatlan, as my husband loves mexican...and I like the sound of both 'Fiddlers' and 'all seasons'. Will let you know how all this went.Deb

        1. So we are in Nelson and so far we have tried twice to visit Mazatlan referenced above. They however, have been closed even though the hours say they should be open!

          We tried 'Jackson Hole & Grill' and found it to be pretty good: I tried the Quiche of the Day (Spinach and Feta) and my husband had a sandwich called the 'Cottage Club'. The quiche was pretty good but nothing to rave about. The sandwich was very good however and interesting: Grilled chicken with bacon, some sort of tasty cheese, Spinach, and a light coating of what I think was BBQ sauce. Very good! The fries that came with were just okay, would have been better if they were a little thinner and seasoned.

          Tonight we are going to see if getting into th Fiddler's Green is even possible.
          btw, We bought some local beer 'Okanogan - Porter' It was very, very nice. Good flavor.

          1. Oh and since it's chilly after walking around a bit we stopped in a tea/coffee house (I forget the exact name) part of the name is the "Only Bakery" (which also is available for sale in the local coop. There we had a nice pot of tea (loose tea served in a French Press) with a toasted bagel (freshly made) with cream cheese.