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Jun 10, 2005 07:06 PM

Dining in Lake Louise

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Any good places to eat in the Lake Louise area without driving all the way to Banff? Food quality- not atmosphere are the most important. We may go to the Post Hotel, but would like other options- less expensive.

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  1. There are some excellent places to eat in the Lake Louise are, but I haven't been to any that I would call inexepensive (Except Laggan's Deli at the little Strip Mall in town, and the Glacier Saloon). $20+ for entrees is the norm for good quality food in the area.

    The Post is a MUST, at least for me, any time I spend more than 1 full day in the area. The food is outstanding. If you are weary of their prices (they are not much more than the other places I will recommend below), try them for lunch.

    Other options right in Lake Louise include Lake Louise Station; Deer Lodge; and at Chateau Lake Louise both Walliser Stube (Swiss) and the Glacier Saloon (Good pub food)

    Field, BC has some great dining options as well. It is only about 15-20 minutes West of Louise (Instead of 40 mins east to Banff). Some good choices include Truffle Pigs Bistro, and Emerald Lake Lodge ( 2 restaurants - the Dining Room, which is similar to Deer Lodge ie. no need to go to both - and Cilantro's on the Lake, California Cuisine, and yes it is related to the famous Cilantro in Calgary, same owners)

    There is also the Cathedral Lake Lodge, and Lake O'hara Lodge but I think the restaurants are for lodge guests only.

    Hope this helps. Please post your experiences, it has been 2 yrs since my last "weekend at the Lake" and would like to know how my favorites are doing.


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      Thanks to jjd. I will indeed report back. We are not going until the end of August. You gave me lots of options. Though, of course, food is not the primary focus of this trip we do love good food, and especially value for money.

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        I have always had good luck with the Lake Louise Hostel--the Alpine Centre. They have great and inexpensive food. You can eat there even if you're not staying there.


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        I second the rec for Walliser Stube bar in the Chateau. Their fondue is superb.