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May 6, 2005 10:25 AM

Need recs for fine dining in Banff.

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Colleagues in Banff for a few days in late May and were looking for a few fine dining recs

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Buffalo Mountain Lodge [
    ] -a short drive up Tunnel Mtn. Road
    -lots of game - regional cuisine - good wine list

    Le Beaujolais [
    ] -upstairs at Banff Ave. & Buffalo St.
    -old time favourite - traditional French cuisine & service
    -extensive wine selection

    Eden [
    ] -fine dining room at the Rimrock Hotel
    -have not been myself but have been told that it is very good - albeit you do "pay" for that quality [mind you it is Banff after all and little comes "cheap"]

    If you are up for a short drive and have a "designated driver"..poor sod...go up to the Fort Hotel in Lake Louise..outstanding food and wine list.

    1. Agree with Bob Mac on Buffalo Mountan Lodge and EDEN, (and I have been to EDEN personally, fantastic experience) I'm not sure where the Fort Hotel is that Bob referred to. But the Post Hotel is simply fantastic, and worth the drive.

      For a unique experience you might try the Grizzly House, which is an upscale Fondue restaurant. (I actually had venison, boar and alligator there last year... delicious

      The Banffshire at Banff Springs Hotel is excellent if pricy

      That having been said, BANFF has a new dining gem known as FUZE Finer Dining. Was there on the weekend. Maybe the beautiful weather had something to do with it, but this was the best meal I have eaten in the Canadian Rockies. It was a private tasting menu, and the tab was picked up by the folks, but I think it is a definite must. It is on the 2nd floor of the clock tower mall. Ask if they can make you a braised lamb dish if there is not one on the menu!!!

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        LOL...thanks jjd for pointing out my incorrect reference to the "FORT" Hotel...I do not know where the heck that came from! [smile] are absolutely right, it was the Post Hotel I intended to recommend.

        Had not heard of Fuze before your post. Will have to check it out the next time we head to Banff.