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Apr 27, 2005 11:54 PM

New restaurants in Edmonton

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I'm a food writer in Edmonton, and I always get asked about new good restaurants. I know about The Blue Plate Diner, The Blue Chair, Glenora Grill, Mata Hari and Urban Diner. (I also know about Culina, Suede, Wild Tangerine, but they are not so new anymore.) But are there any other new ones out there -- even in St. Albert and Sherwood Park? Thanks all. Jennifer


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  1. Jennifer, I do not think much has been happening of late in "River City".

    You have mentioned the ones that spring to mind. I wish Brad or Wilson would expand Culina and/or Wild Tangerine to the west end.

    We did go the "relatively" new Home Fire Grill adjacent to the Wingate Inn in West Edmonton on Sunday afternoon.

    I would give it a "mixed" review. Will probably give it another try. Mind you apart from the chains there is not a heck of a lot of choice in West Edmonton. We often end up at Earls' on 170th more out of default than intention.

    The wine bar that is beside the wine store in Oliver Square, 4th and Vine [?] is quite good. Good selection of "nibblies" to complement their wine. I some nice goat cheese bruschetta and wild mushroom strudel last week. Also have other starters, antipasto, cheese and panini sandwiches.

    If you hear of anything new, please post.

    1. I think Murietta's is opening soon (if it hasn't already) on Whyte Ave next to O'byrnes--it's counterpart in Calgary is great.

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        I've never had a good eating experience there.

        The first time I went, they put some shrimp in my chicken pizza. Great, except that I'm quite allergic to shellfish. I didn't realize I was eating shrimp until about halfway through. I had massive hives for about a week.

        I decided to give them another chance, so I went there again, this time in Canmore. They accidently put banana skin into my wife's salad.

      2. Someone told me they saw a sign saying that another L'azia was opening in the north end (where the Cineplex Odeon North Edmonton Common is). I haven't seen it myself, so I cannot confirm.

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          That might make sense given the movie deals [meal combined with movie ticket] L'Azia advertises with the cineplex downtown.

          What is your "take" on l'Azia? I have had decidedly mixed experiences. Occasionally quite good. Other times it seems to fall into the "upscale food court" category.

          1. re: Bob Mac

            I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way! Everyone at work seems to adore that place and sometimes I wonder why.

            I've found a couple of menu items that I like and I've tended to stick with them just to be safe -- the French Onion soup and the spicy dry riblets.

            Their salads seem to be okay, but I had one bad experience where they tried to be a little too creative in the plate presentation by placing the salad inside a "bowl" made out of large leaves... and then sticking the whole thing onto a plate. When I tried to eat it, the whole thing fell apart and salad flew everywhere.

            On my last visit there I tried their crab cakes. Very tasty, but the portion was so small that you could basically eat it in two big bites.

            1. re: anonymoose

              I think L'Azia has a nice appeal due to the atmosphere, and reasonably decent food and prices. (compare verus Hurl's.. er I mean Earl's where the best dishes are the hostesses, and we all know what their jobs are)

              It's really hit and miss there, where I've had really nice pieces of a dish, but never a totally 'great' dish that's been put together really well.

              A couple of friends seem to love their Asian-ish chow mein dish tho.

              1. re: Don
                completely disasstisfied

                Everything I've tried on the menu at L'Azia tastes like apricots. The atmosphere is a total rip off of Earl's and Joey Tomatoes. The service I received was no different than what you would receive at Denny's and if you have a problem with your experience, the management is either too busy to help you or completely non-empathetic. I will not return and I'm sure if others are having similar experiences, L'Azia will hopefully close soon. Try coming up with originality on your menu and atmosphere.

                1. re: completely disasstisfied

                  "Hopefully L'azia will close soon"? In favor of Joey Tomato's and Earl's? Way to support those local independent restaurants in favor of big crappy chains where everything has sundried tomatoes in it.

                  1. re: completely disasstisfied

                    "Hopefully L'azia will close soon"? In favor of Joey Tomato's and Earl's? Way to support those local independent restaurants in favor of big crappy chains where everything has sundried tomatoes in it.

          2. Recently I lost a lot of weight and I have decided to eat really good quailty food when I go out. I am looking for a restaurant that offers really good food, good portions, and a great atmosphere. I do not want much do I? If you can make some suggestions that would be great. One of my favorite new stops in OPM on the south side.

            1. One thing, Jennifer I am going to Winnipeg on the holidays is there a place that serves great fish and chips that I could take my Gran to? She is 80+