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Apr 4, 2005 01:06 PM

Go Fish! (YVR)

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Has anyone been? Worth the trip? What are they serving aside from Fish and Chips?

Can anyone tell me how to find the place? I haven't lived in the City for a while, and the area has changed, so I could use some directions.

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  1. It's absolutely worth the trip. Even when it's raining, you can either order your meal to go or stay and sit under the awning. Good food tastes even better when eaten al fresco! Halibut fish and chips is great, but my two favourite menu items are the Oyster Po'Boy and the BBQ salmon chowder.

    At Burrard Street, turn east onto West 1st Avenue, cross the railroad tracks and follow the road down to Fisherman's Wharf at the very end of the street; there are signs to direct you. Designated parking for Go Fish is available on your right-hand side.

    Go Fish opens at 11:30 a.m.; however, I suggest arriving early as there's inevitably a queue as soon as the shutters are raised for business.


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    1. re: Mooshmouse

      Thanks for the info...we are planning a trip in celebration of my 40th (gasp!) birthday, and after having a great experience at a similar place - SOBO in Tofino - on our Anniversary last month, it seemed like a good way to start the day. I would hate for lunch to suck!

      Now we just have to find somewhere to eat dinner....I'm thinking any ideas?

      1. re: Cyndy

        Hmmm. Thai. I'm going to stray away from the usual recommendations of Montri's and Salathai in favour of two others.

        Sawasdee, located at 4250 Main Street, is Vancouver's first Thai restaurant. Family-owned and operated, it's a comfortable room with warm, welcoming service.

        But for a different vibe, one perhaps more suitable for a celebratory birthday dinner, check out Simply Thai in Yaletown. Website is noted below.

        If it were up to me, I'd give the nod to Simply Thai. Happy Birthday in advance!


    2. I love this place, but they should be ashamed that they close at 6:30pm in the summer!

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      1. re: jewels_vancouver

        Jewels, I always thought the closing time was dusk so it would vary depending on the time of year. It seems a bit mad to close at 6:30 in the summer if that is what they are doing....

        1. re: grayelf

          Remember that Go Fish has neighbours-very forebearing people who are deserving of air that doesn't smell like frying fish/relief from the crowds that smell attracts.

          It's a residential as as well as an industrial area so compromises have to be made-plus the organisation and staff need regular hours to run a business properly.

          In terms of food my favourite items are usually Tacos then the daily Soup-although I find the soup is a tad more creative in winter when the Chefs have more time.

          1. re: Sam Salmon

            Good point, Sam_S. I've not been able to find anything definitive in a quick web search -- maybe I will call later to confirm closing times. And I do love the tacones there, especially the cod ones when they are available -- the housemade hot sauce is really tasty.

            1. re: grayelf

              Love the salmon tacones, could use some work on their slaw though, also have good fries!

              1. re: alwaysroom4dessert

                The slaw used to be better true, the people making it also take orders/cash/dispense orders/answer the phone and a dozen other duties and they aren't always too focused.

          2. re: grayelf

            Not this day. I arrived at 6:45, the sun was out, the patio was packed, they were still cooking AND there were still 2 people in line-but they put up the "closed" sign behind the last person and said "we close at 6:30".

            1. re: jewels_vancouver

              That's good (or bad!) to know, jewels.