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Mar 11, 2005 02:01 PM

special dining in banff, lake louise

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i am getting marriend in the banff area the first week in may and since it will be a small wedding i want to have a dinner following at a nice restuarant with a lot of ambience. the groom and i are both from
minnesota and will be scoping out eateries when we get there a week before but it would be helpful to have some locals give us some starting points. our group will be about 20 people.
please help us make this memorable.

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  1. In early December my wife and I celebrated my birthday in the dining room at the Post Hotel in Lake Louise. Everything from the ambiance, service and food was outstanding! A great menu, coupled with a world class wine list (including a fabulous selection of half bottles) made for a stunning evening. No better way to finish your evening for those who partake in their cigar room with some of excellent single malt scotches/cognacs they have available. Enjoy!!

    1. First of all, congrats on the wedding.

      We do not get to the Banff area all that often as we are closer to Jasper but I certainly agree with Tofino's recommendation of the Post Hotel. The Schwarz brothers are well known for their hospitality.

      The only drawback may be its location being in Lake Louise if you are staying in Banff but depending upon your accomodation and if you are drinking or not, that may not be an issue.

      In Banff I have heard good things about the fine dining room in the Rimrock Hotel, Eden. Also have had good meals at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge up on TunnelMountain Rd, The Pines in the Rundlestone Lodge and of course an old time favourite, Le Beaujolais.

      My sister got married in Banff and had an afternoon reception. We later laughed when we heard that she and my brother-in-law spent their first nite as a married couple tenting and eating at the campfire while we were sipping Cristal and enjoying a fine meal at the Beaujolais...chacun a son gout I guess [smile].

      Hope you have a wonderful visit and all works out well.