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Feb 25, 2005 01:55 PM

Looking for a good Donair place in Vancouver

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Does anyone know of a good place for Donair in the Vancouver/Richmond area? I used to live in Edmonton and was addicted to this place called the Queen's donairs. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything in Vancouver that could nearly match the ones I've had back home.

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  1. Man do I ever understand.

    As a former Edmontonian, I love Queen's Donair (especially after a few pints) but haven't been able to find a shop here that measures up. I think it is something to do with the sweet Halifax style sauce that Queen Donair used. Shops here in Vancouver seem to stick to the classic tzatziki sauce.... There was one place in Kits called Beaver's that advertised the sweet sauce but I believe it has closed down.

    Anyone have any idea?

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    1. re: Super Kev

      Just wanted to extend my sympathies - I lived in Halifax for a while and got to know the "real donair". Anyone I've spoken to also from the east coast also misses donairs and spends a lifetime searching for something close to the Halifax style.

      Good luck! please post up if you find anything...

      1. re: Super Kev

        I know what your saying bud im out here to and simon kings donair on the south side I thought was the best, I miss them

        1. re: Super Kev

          there are donair shops out west now? wow man , i was thinking it was still an east coast thing , i'm from sydney nova scotia , in cape breton , and i'll tell ya , the best , BEST donair is island greek donair on charlotte st. in sydney . i've lived in haliax and had donairs from umpteen places , including the lesser known "cubby hole leb shops" and none of them compete with island greek . CONGRATS tho to the western half of the country on recieving our regions best junk-food , i hope you can all truely appreciate it for what it is , junk-food-perfection!

          1. re: Dewbie Wan

            There are too many donair places to count in Calgary. Edmonton too, I hear.

            Vancouver is hell for donair- but just to say you've had the WORST, I recommend anybody to go to the place on the street that is directly west of the law courts- the absolute most disgusting excuse for a donair I have ever tasted: Pre-packaged, like luncheon meat, "donair" meat that the owner heated in a microwave- and he placed TWO SLICES of this cat food garbage on a STALE whole-wheat pita with lettuce (ICK) and tomatoes and "sauce" that was a sort of thousand island dressing- wrapped the COLD piece of crap up in waxed paper and handed it to me. It was unreal, just epic bad, really a great story. I should have taken pictures.

            I dropped it in the garbage after a cursory bite to see how bad "bad" is and then headed to Gyoza King for one of the best meals of my life.

          2. re: Super Kev

            After year's of listening to my husband's complaints about superiority of the Halifax donair, I had the opportunity to try one of the "masterpieces" in Halifax. I was surprised at the benchmark sweet sauce. The sweet sauce was a mixture of condensed milk, vinegar, garlic salt and dried herbs. The sweet flavours of his youth would have my Middle Eastern ancestors turning in their graves. I am guessing that the sauce was an attempt to imitate the yogurt of the tzatziki sauce at a time when yogurt was not a common ingredient in Canadian grocery stores and the tradition continued even though the ingredients are now available. My personal favourites in Vancouver are Mac Falafal near UBC and Nuba which has a few locations downtown. Their sauces are not similr to the Halifax style sauce. "Real" unfortunately is relative.

            1. re: lunchslut

              Sugar seems to be a common theme when certain foods become Westernized (as in Canadianized or Americanized)....look at all the sweet sauces in American/Canadian Chinese cuisine.

              I guess the Halifax donair is like BC's Whitespot Triple-O....I wont get it unless I grew up with it. (I feel the same way about poutine....)

            2. re: Super Kev

              I believe Donair Dude on Davie at Jervis advertises Halifax style sauce. I've been a few times and have found their offerings ok, but I have never tried the Halifax style as I generally am not one for sweet sauces with meat.

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. Try Poppa's Pizza in Parksville. Like the back home donair with sweet sauce. Also have tzi.

                1. I like the donair place at granville and 70th next to the 7-11. They have a really yummy sweet sauce but I have no clue whether or not it is authentic?

                  1. Again, not the sweet sauce, but the Falafully Good on the corner of Oak & 16th is pretty good.

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                    1. re: islandgirl

                      I concur.

                      I live awfully close to Falafully Good ;-)