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Feb 14, 2005 03:21 PM

Calgary Westhills area restaurants...

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Are there any decent restaurants around the Westhills area, or by the Sunterra on 17th Ave/Sarcee Trail?

Looking mainly for a good ethnic restaurant, but am open to anything.

Only criteria is that there will be a group of 10 of us (otherwise I'd go to Bow Bulgogi) for dinner, then off to a couple's house in Springside after (hence the location).

I don't think Pau Hana Grille is around anymore either...

Appreciate any help!

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  1. I live in Vancouver now but the Italian place by Sunterra is quite good, and across the road from Westhills around that Visions section there is an excellent Vietnamese place. I believe the name of it is Lemongrass. Oh how I miss the Vietnamese food that was available everywhere in Calgary.

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      I live in this area, and a downside of this area is the lack of decent restaurants. There are a couple of cheap Vietnamese places that offer great value (Lemongrass just up from Canadian Tire; Saigon Palace across the road next to London Drugs). There is a sushi place next to Canadian Tire I've never tried because I can't will myself to try a sushi place located next to Canadian Tire. There are two upscale-wannabe places near Sunterra; one in the same mall as Sunterra that has "Grill" in the name, the other across the street called Sorrentinos (or something like that). Both offer a mediocre dining expenience for non-mediocre prices.

      Advice: travel ten minutes into town and you can get better food.

      1. re: Chris

        That sushi place by canuck tire is Sushi House Richmond, and you should give it a try! They have the floating sushi bar but I order off the menu- not bad at all, and it's nice to see more ethnic options in that neck of the woods.

        Pau Hana grill is closed, yes, and I never got to try it, but there is a new place in that West Market Sq that has received rave reviews- not sure of the name

        On 17th Ave at about 33 St there is a new indian place called Moghul Palace; I think it might be what used to be Spiros, my fave pizza in calgary, but it's good to see non-Greek in that area

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          In case you didnt know, the people who ran Spiro's for the past 15 years now sell their pizza under the name Sophie's (i believe it's takeout only)... but all the familiar favorites are there. My fave, Petros' Special, i just had on V-Day. Yummy! Still the same good pizza. It's on Richmond Rd and 48th Street, so it's still in that neck of the woods.

          And it's too bad you never got a chance to try Pau Hana - the food there was excellent.

          1. re: Yen

            Thanks Yen- actually I know all about the spiro's-sophies thing, in fact I order from Sophie's now all the time and they do deliver. I was just wondering what if anything had happened to the original Spiro's, especially as I've seen ads in ffwd for this new Indian place in that area.

            1. re: John Manzo

              They couldn't reach agreement with their landlord on a lease extension.

              They want to reopen, apparently, but need to find a suitable location.


              1. re: Miles

                That is true of the operators of Spiro's (who now run Sophie's), but the owners of Spiro's have reopened Spiro's under the same name, with the "under new management" sign. I havent tried it yet. Im not sure i will.

                Im not sure where the East Indian place is though... i'll take a look the next time i drive by

                1. re: Yen

                  The Indian restaurant is on 17th Avenue around 27th St. in a little strip mall on the south side. Bill Kaufmann gave it a very good review in the Sun today.

    2. I think there is a new Vietnamese place on the southeast corner of 37 st and Bow Trail, which may be an oriental phoenix.

      Is Garrison Woods / Marda too far? If not, there's decent Italian;kooky Chinese at the Silver Plate; the French place which used to be Trocadero, and has simply been renamed...

      1. Appreciate all the replies.

        Suspected that there might be a dearth of decent restaurants around there - surprising considering the neighbourhoods.

        Looks like I'll have to do some convincing to some people...

        Thanx a lot!