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Feb 2, 2005 07:18 PM

Banff and Lake Louise- new restaurants???

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Any new moderately priced--$30-40 CAN-prefer small in Banff or Lake Louise area? Don't want to be stuck with guidebook selections only.

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  1. Near Lake Louise (on the Bow Valley Parkway) is the Bistro at Baker Creek Chalets. We have been there several times and really enjoy it.

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      Also try the Quarry in Canmore. It's great, as is Crazyweed. They're both on the main drag.

    2. Canmore is resto central. You will never forget or regret a meal at Crazyweeds, but there are so many amazing options there now- just park on or near the main drag and walk. Better selection than Banff. In the most recent Air Canada's En Route best new restos issue, there were three Calgary restos reviewed for it (none made the top ten, but three were considered)... and three in CANMORE too. This is a city of perhaps 20,000 people. It must have the most outragrous ratio of dining options to population of any city in the country.

      1. About 15 - 20 minutes west of Lake Louise is the town of Field. In Field is the Truffle Pigs Bistro, one of the best restos in Western Canada . Chefs specials are always amazing and varried from standard pastas or chicken dishes elsewhere. In fact I ate there last night and had some of the best high alpine boulliebase in the world.

        This place is very small, only about 7 - 8 tables, reservations recommended on weekend nights. Field may be a very small town (250 people) but this is a very popular resto.

        Ever hungry