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Feb 1, 2005 11:59 AM

Vegetarian Restaurant in Halifax - - Name?

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I had a wonderful meal at a vegetarian restaurant on a trip to Halifax. It was on Gottingen Street, quite small and very hippie/granola looking. Great paintings on the wall and the best veggie food I've ever had. Can't remember the name though. Can anyone help?

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  1. a carnivore like me is probably not of much use but this site my help you with your search

    1. Hi,
      If you're looking for vegetarian restaurants check out provides a list of restaurants for most major cities around the world

      I hope it helps

      1. I think you are referring to Satisfaction Feast, located on Grafton Street. Hope this helps!

        1. I have never been to Satisfaction Feast. On my trips to Halifax I always head to Heartwood on Quinpool Rd. It is an organic vegetarian restaurant (maybe vegan? lots of vegan food anyhow). It is not cheap, but not super expensive either. You get a plate, choose you food, and pay by weight. If you are looking for super cheap eats do not go to Heartwood, but if you are willing to pay for a good meal it is a great destination. I have been vegetarian for most of my life, and have eaten all over north America. Heartwood is right up there with my favourite vegetarian eateries.

          1. Actually this sounds more like Bob and Lori's, a north end staple for many years now. I don't think they have a website, but here's their contact info:

            Bob & Lori's Food Emporium
            2179 Gottingen Street,
            Halifax, NS B3K 3B5