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Dec 22, 2004 11:11 AM

ramblings through BC and Lake Louise

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Just recently finished a 7 day whirlwind tour of central interior of BC and a couple days in Lake Louise - notes as follows:

Day 1 - Abbottsford for lunch at the new Restaurant 62, owned by a couple of friends - friends or not this place rocks - great food, stunning atmosphere - definitely worth the drive from Vancouver!

Stopped in Merritt for the night (don't typically drive in the night in an unknown area where there is lots of snow - haha) - accomodation average at best - local Italian spot on Main street was quite possibly the most overcooked pasta ever - ugh!

Day 2 - Lunch in Revelstoke at the Main Street Cafe - unlicensed but excellent soup/sandwich space - this town is really beautiful! Dinner and nights stay at Bistro 1122 in Golden - small 4 room B&B with attached restaurant - nice rooms with no TV/radio but nicely appointed - food was excellent as I had the lamb shanks which were outstanding - highly recommended.

Day 3 - Lunch in Field at the Truffled Pig Cafe - funky general store with great food - Evening at the Post Hotel (2 nights -my birthday - woo ha!) - dinner in the restaurant which was spectacular to say the least - had caribou which was divine!

Day 4 - Lunch in the Lounge at the Post after snowshoeing for 5 miles - dinner in our room - very nice!

Day 5 - Breakfast in Radium Hot Springs - unremarkable from the local hotel chain located there - night in Kimberley at the new Chateau Kimberly (honestly thats the name), beautiful rooms and common areas - but why in a very nice spot like this do people continue to put in plastic wrapped plastic glasses in the bathroom, and styrofoam cups for the coffee - ugh - please charge an extra $5 and put in real glasses and cups - dinner that evening at the 'Gasthaus' restaurant - excellent schnitzels and spaetzle - I avoided Chef Bernards - anyone that claims they can do 17 different forms of international food on one menu - I will pass on thanks!

Day 6 - Lunch in Nelson at the Redfish Grille downtown, outstanding and cheap cheeseburgers (burgers and fries appeared home made) for $6.50 - yummm - loved Nelson - my favorite spot on trip - that evening stayed in Kelowna right downtown by the bridge at another chain that claims to be so 'prestigious' - terrible! Dinner at a little wine bar around the corner (wanted Fresco but not open on Sundays) called Vin...something - nice wines by the glass decent food except for my duck (overcooked to death).

Day 7 - back to Vancouver - for the return to Tofino - great trip - lots of great spots to go back to for the next trip

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  1. You hit Truffle Pigs for lunch but missed dinner, too bad. Some of the finest evenings I've ever had in the Rockie mountains have included dining at Truffle Pigs. Their NYE 5 course dinners are absolutely fantastic and with only a few tables on offer it is a very intimate affair. In the summer they crank up the BBQ on the patio and you can sit out there and watch the bears wander by while you enjoy a buffalo ribeye, smoked salmon platter and an excellent Syrah.

    I hope to be back there soon.

    Ever hungry in Calgary.