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Nov 29, 2004 09:09 AM


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I used this msg board for my recent 2 week trip to this most beautiful part of the world. This is what is worth a look and this is what is not worth your time:
Banff- ( Worthwhile) : Silver Dragon for Chinese, Typhoon for Thai, Sugyaki for Japanese, Evelyns for coffee and cheap lunch or breakfast.
( Most Dissapointing)- Coyotes - too expensive, food too salty - not sure what all the rage is about.
Canmore - Stop a Vebella Meats - yummy for the bbq and for sandwiches and cheese.
Lake Louise - Post House was closed until December - other then that - pack a lunch from home .

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    Food Tourist

    I recommend the Walliser Stube bar in Chateau Lake Louise for the best fondue I've had. I normally dislike Swiss cheeses but their cheese fondue was well-balanced and delicious.

    Saltlik in Banff is worth a visit. Their side dishes are sold a la carte and are terrific, especially the scalloped potatoes.

    (I was in Banff and Lake Louise in May 2003.)

    ~Food Tourist

    1. On the Bow Valley Parkway on the outskirts of Lake Louise (towards Banff) is the Baker Creek Bistro, which is wonderful. We have eaten there several times over the years and it has always been consistently good.