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Oct 17, 2004 11:39 AM

Sushi Club - Calgary

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We were at this place (at 1240 Kensington Road NW) last night, and it's excellent. The sushi is very modern (there's a smoked black cod roll with prosciutto) and the presentation is lovely. They've also got great cocktails, with green tea, fruit juice and all kinds of wacky liqueurs. The sashimi was melt in your mouth (especially the toro and the red tuna), and the deep fried baby octopus is a must.

It's much better than Hana, or Towa, or Kawa on 4th St., much more inventive than the Japanese Village or Sushi Tokyo in Chinatown.

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  1. "Much Better" then Towa? Woah, high praise indeed! Was it all contemporary type rolls? did they have a sushi pizza?

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    1. re: Gobstopper

      Gobstopper you took the words out of my mouth. I've never been to a sushi place "much better" than Towa.

      Went to sushi club for lunch once; I liked it a lot, I ordered a negitoro roll and as they were out of toro they made me one with the lower grade of tuna. It was wonderful. I also got a spicy tuna (I can't visit a sushi place without trying the spicy tuna) and some very nice unagi. But I'd still give it a pass in favour of Towa because the rolls I got were pretty tiny and for whatever reason the service was slooooooow. Actually I find this the norm in Calgary- in Vancouver, when I order sushi I never wait more than moments for it.

      It is nonetheless wonderful to see sushi in Kensington.

      1. re: John Manzo

        I am hoping to revive this sushi in Calgary thread - there are lots of comments about sushi in Vancouver, but not a lot in Calgary.

        My favourite by far is Sushi Hiro DT, but that might be because I know everyone there so well.

        I also frequently go to Sushi Shino on Bow Trail, because it's close to where I live. I've also been to Sumo a few times, as well as Tokyo Sushi (or whatever it's called) in Chinatown.

        My daughter loves sushi and I take her out every Saturday, I would love to find a few places in the west end that are small and casual. Any recommendations?

        1. re: spender

          There is a place called Momoyama near richmond road and 37th st SW. In the same plaza that Trapper's Pub (Changed it's name now) and the new safeway that took over the sport chek is.

          It is very casual, nothing too special, but I go there often. The prices are excellent, the food is excellent, and the chef is a great guy.

          1. re: spender

            What do you mean by "west end"? If you're referring to the downtown neighbourhood with that name, there is no sushi there (aside from 8 Street Sushi in the Calgary Place Apts, which is marginally west end but nothing to write home about)... now in Kensington there are now three sushi places (for a couple of years there were zero)... Sushi Club, which opened this thread back in 2004, is still around, but supplanted with the much better (taste, price, and service-wise) Globefish on 14th St and Sushi Zeal on 10th. I just went to Zeal for the second time and was and am very impressed with it- not remotely as busy as Globefish, which has had unreal biz since word of mouth got out.

            On the other side of the river, there are a couple of places in the beltline worth mentioning. One is Uptown Sushi at 11 Ave and 11 St SW, right across the street from Coop Midtown Market, and it is not open for lunch on Saturdays if this is a a limiting factor for you (it's basically a one-man operation and the owner needs his rest!), but for pure value, it is the best in town. Insanely inexpensive and usually absolutely delicious. Two or so years after they've opened and I still have not tasted a yam roll as good as theirs.

            Closer to downtown is Blowfish, also on 11th Ave but just west of 5th St. Creative and very delicious sushi in a tres cool renovated bar space, but be careful, it's pricey.

            If by west end you mean the west side of the city, let me also recommend Sushi House Richmond, which is a funny place with the sushi on priced plates on a choo-choo train, but it's quite good quality (this is one of the few places this still puts a tiny smear of wasabi on the rice)- they use straight sriracha on their spicey tuna rolls instead of something a little less harsh (many places use spicey mayo; Michael at Uptown is the only one that I've encountered who uses that sweet-hot Korean pepper paste, and it works), but it ain't bad and I've never had a problem finding a seat at the counter on my Canadian Tire trips.

            1. re: John Manzo

              I find another great place for Sushi is Wa's on 17th ave and Centre Street north, across the street from the Reagle Beagle pub

              1. re: John Manzo

                You should really try Zipang Sushi in Bridgeland for some real sushi.

              2. re: spender

                Misato off of 17th and Sirocco Dr SW (by Sunterra) is really good (fantastic spicy roll). There is also a Globefish in Marda Loop (haven't tried it yet).

                1. re: spender

                  "I am hoping to revive this sushi in Calgary thread - there are lots of comments about sushi in Vancouver, but not a lot in Calgary."

                  MAN have times changed in the three short years since this comment was posted!

            2. I have to say I was a regular there before but after my last visit there this week I will not return. Seems like the hard times have made them cut sizes. Ordered a Sunomono salad and it was so small there was not point to getting it at all, literally one bite. The sushi portions/sizes have gotten smaller as well.

              On top of that they tried to charge a gratuity on 5 or more. Now I do not know if this is common or they were just saying that. As they knew we were unhappy and probably did not want to be screwed out of a tip.

              Needless to say we all left there still hungry. If we wanted to be full then we would of had to spend a small fortune.

              If you want good Sushi I would recommend Zipang in Bridgeland or Sukiyaki House on 9 AV SW. Best two sushi spots in town, I would say.

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              1. re: defjamvan

                Anyone know their hours? Are they open on Tuesdays? Trying to call, but no answer.

                1. re: djdragan

                  Unfortunately they are closed on Tuesdays.

                  The best day to go is on Wednesdays and Thursdays. They receive their import fish on Wednesday and their domestic fish on Thursdays. A lot these fish will be sold out by the weekend.

                  1. re: ilikebigmactoo

                    I had a feeling they were closed, we had some relatives in from out of town and wanted to take them there last night. We ended up at Zipang. It was only my 2nd time there, and I must say I was a bit dissapointed. Rolls were a bit sloppyand some of the fish did not taste the freshest. In particular, the spicy tuna rolls were pretty bad. The fish had a very soft consistency almost as if it was pureed. It also had a pretty strong fishy taste which I usually don't get with most tuna rolls or nigiri.

                    I will say that the nigiri was very good though, really big pieces of fish and good quality too.