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Oct 6, 2004 04:26 PM

best brunch buffet in vancouver area

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does anyone know of an up-to-date site reviewing the best brunch buffets in vancouver?

I have tried many brunch buffets, but have yet to find
one that really impresses me. Most are mediocre at best.

The sutton place hotel on burrard street pretty good, yet lacks selection of hot seafoods, and no crepes.

apparently, the buffet brunch at the sutton place used to be much more extensive.

The atmosphere is great, with live jazz musicians playing music, service is very good, and decor is above average. Its the selection of food items that is lacking. Price is 34.00 cad per person. for this price i would have expected a better food selection.

I am interested in trying the pan pacific or the hotel vancouver. Has anyone tried those 2? I wish hotels would provide more specific info on their website about what is offered.

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  1. I have been to both Sutton Place and Pan Pacific for their Sunday Brunch. I think Pan Pacific is defintely more extensive in the variety of dishes and has better quality food. In addition to regular brunch items, the Pan Pacific Brunch also includes Chinese dim sum, Chinese hot food and stirfry station and Japanese sushi rolls (Sutton Place also has Chinese dim sum - but not very much). The seafood selection at the Pan Pacific Brunch was excellent: smoked salmon, prawns, mussels, clams, etc. But I believe the Pan Pacific Brunch is more expensive $42 per person. They also have Tim Moss, the piano player, as the entertainment.

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      can you expand on the seafood selection at the pan pacific sunday brunch?

      is there hot or cold seafood? crabs?

      last weekend i went to the sunday brunch in victoria at the empress hotel. 29.95 per person. food quality was good. selection was good, but not extensive.

      the cheese selection was poor, and the chef apologized stating that there was an error made in ordering food supplies- especially the cheese.

      i would go back. I still am looking for that ultimate bruch experience. i dont mind paying more for quality and selection.

    2. I just checked out the brunch at the Hotel Vancouver 2 weekends ago. While the selection was reasonably good (very nice to see Japanese breakfast ingredients like nori, fish, rice, miso) , the food was mediocre and not very fresh at 8am -- exactly what you'd expect from a large institution that was preparing food in large quantities in advance. I should confess that I'm not a big fan of the buffet experience in general. However, I've also tried ordering off the menu at Hotel Vancouver (standard smoked salmon Benny) and it was also mediocre. There must be better places to eat brunch in downtown Vancouver! I'd be happy to hear suggestions.

      1. I've really enjoyed the buffet at Heron's in the Waterfront Hotel. Excellent selection of seafood (clams, mussels, smoked salmon (several styles), crab legs, shrimp, etc) and asian choices plus all the usual. The second time I went they had a seperate room just for desserts.

        1. I am going to celebrate my big 50 with my family and am looking for an exciting brunch and want it to be for sure with music,I am going to check panpacific hotel.If I found it realy good I will let you know.Since you didn't like %100 sutton hotel's brunch so Let see what will happen.

          1. Pan Pacific charges $42 plus tax.. definately not worth it. The Oyster is too salty. chinese sim sum is horrible like frozen dim sum... the only impressive items are pachebello mushroom, cranberry juice...I won't go again. Did anyone try fish house?