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Sep 5, 2004 05:44 PM

Brockville (ON)- any suggestions?

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Can anyone suggest a good place to eat in Brockville?

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  1. c
    Calvin McKnight

    Try 1000 Islands Seafood for fresh fish and chips (right downtown on King Street).

    Also, Boboli for lunch (great sandwiches and salads)

    If you're driving east from Brockville, the 730 Truckstop off of the 401 in Cardinal had a great greasy spoon breakfast...

    1. Just went to Tandoori Mint and, coming from Montreal, I have a lot of expericence with Indian food. This place was absolutely fantastic and better than almost every Indian restaurant I have been to here in Montreal. We started with the non veg appetizer and it included fish pakora (so good!), lamb kabob, chicken pieces and grilled veggies. This was superb and the sauces that were given on the side were fantastic. For the main we had the goat curry (house specialty, according to their menu) as well as pallak panner (spinach and cheese) with raaita , rice, nan bread and some hot sauce on the side. Every bite was a real treat to the taste buds and he made it spicy as we asked for. The lamb fell off the bone and was an instant favorite.

      I would highly suggest this place as it seems to be the only great restaurant in the city. The atmosphere is beautiful as well.

      Be aware that the meal is a little more expensive as each item is charged individually. If there is one thing I would change it would be to have combination dinner to lessen the cost for the clients.

      A must try in Brockville, which for me, used to be called ''Boreville'' until I tried Tandoori Mint.

      1. Maybe try posting on the Ontario board :)