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Aug 25, 2004 10:38 PM

Vancouver: best sushi for most reasonable price?

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Sorry for overlap with any similar postings in the past. But plain and simple: What's the best place for reasonably priced sushi in Vancouver? Not so much money to be deemed expensive, but not such low-quality to be deemed forgettable.


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  1. Okada Sushi - all the way. Fresheness is really important to me, and this place is above and beyond its competition in the same price range.

    As well, I was pleasantly surprised when I had a choice of Atlantic or Pacific salmon sashimi. If memory serves, it is located on Nelson and Howe...maybe Nelson and Hornby...

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      Assuming lurker v.2 is suggesting this place -- then I heartily agree. Take a good hard look at their specials, too. Some is expensive, some not as much, but all damn fine. Try the monkfish liver!

    2. I'm a lover of Shiro ....15th and Cambie

      1. Kibune Sushi - Located at Kits beach (right next door to the Starbucks on Cornwall & Yew). Very fresh traditional sushi in a very "japanese style setting" All the staff are Japanese and the service is outstanding. Sit at the bar and order piece by piece. The quality is outstanding,the price is very reasonable. Fresh fish brought in daily & posted behind the sushi bar on a "daily special" board.


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          Do you want good rolls or good nigiri sushi? The rolls are inventive and memorable at Octopus Garden. You can get very reasonable high quality nigiri sushi and sashimi platters at Ajisai. If you want to taste both, then try Yuji's on 4th.

          1. I just visisted Vancouver and went to Okada Sushi - super fresh, it was excellent. Last year I went to Tojo's and I don't think anything can touch that experience. Tojo was so inventive and the sushi was super fresh and of the highest quality. 2-people eating omikaze with 2-beers and tip - $325 Canadian - and it was worth it.

            Okada Sushi I did by myself and asked them for omikaze. The quality of sushi was on the same level as Tojo. Not as inventive as Tojo, but the Yellow Fin Tuna was the best sashimi I've ever tasted. It was spectacular. Scallops were as big as 10-silver dollars that were stacked up, and they made me cry they were so good. 1-person eating omikaze, drinking green tea and tip - $60 Canadian - was it worth it? It might be the bargain of the century.

            Saying that, the next time I'm back in Vancouver, which will I go to Tojo or Okada - I really can't say. They both are incredible!