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Aug 22, 2004 11:58 AM

Global Knives

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I am looking to buy a set of Global Kitchen knives. Does anyone know of a place where I can buy them in Canada? Lots of suppliers in the US but I need them in a hurry.


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  1. I bought mine at C.A.Paradis kitchen and restaurant supplies in Ottawa. The phone number is 613-731-2866 and they're at 1314 Bank Street in Ottawa South. Make sure you buy a Global sharpener too.

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      I forgot to link to the website for C.A. Paradis. It's


    2. I'm quite sure they sell them at Ming Wo on 4th avenue in Vancouver.........

      1. You can find Global knives in lots of places in Toronto. They are mostly smaller shops. I am sure you can get them shipped to wherever you are. Here are a couple that I know off the top of my head.

        1. William Sonoma (check their website for Toronto location)
        2. Degrees Kitchen Store (416-484-8222)

        1. I got mine at ming wo, I'm sure they have them at most locations.

          I'm pretty sure they have them at the cookshop in citysquare (12th & cambie), though I haven't actually been there myself. It seems that they do on their website.

          Also perhaps gourmet warehouse would be a good place to try. Well it's just a good place to go to anyways.

          Have fun, I love my global knives.


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            You can go on the web to
            The web-site isn't finished but Browne & Co. are the Canadian distributors of Global knives and they will tell where you can buy them wherever you are. Ask them where you can find the Kasumi knives that they distribute. They are another Japanese knife. I used to love Globals now I think I'm in love with Kasumi.
            Hey, I'm going to Ottawa next week and need some recommendations for good eats. Got any?

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              i am looking for a distributor in saskatoon, sk. selling global knives. thank you.

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                you can purchase them at the "Happy Cooker" in Winnipeg

          2. I got mine in Calgary - The Jolle Chef - (403) 256-5556. They are a restaurant supplier/serious home chef store. If they can't provide, they can still direct you where to go.

            BTW, knife-sharpening done by the Jolle Chef is wicked. My Global Santoku is fantastic!