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Aug 2, 2004 05:04 PM

East is East in YVR

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Any reports on East is East on W Bway???

Dying to try it, but since I can only afford a few meals, should I?

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  1. As noted in a recent post, East Is East is one of my favourite restaurants to hit after yoga class. It specializes in Indian/Turkish/Afghani/Middle Eastern cuisine and has a great "casbah" atmosphere. Delicious, well-priced takeout and they usually give you a cup of chai while you wait. I love their roti and rice wraps... my faves are the lamb (Afghan Nomad I think it is) and the wild salmon. Orders to go come with salad and a small bowl of lentil soup. They've feature great multi-dish platters for eat-in, the names of which I can't remember but they give you the opportunity to sample a number of their dishes. Don't forget their amazing shakes, smoothies and lassis. Definitely worth checking out!

    1. I have only been once, but intend to return. I was a little surprised at how expensive it was. But the food was amazing. The rotis were excellent and the atmosphere great.
      While it is a little more expensive than I expected, and the portions were not huge, the food was way above average and worth every penny.

      1. It's a nice place. Informal yet romantic. I have been hree many times and only had one nightmarish experience (I waited an hour and half for our food -- essential a wrap and a shake) and disappointing experience (they forgot to make some of our take-out order). I think they have evened out their growth and staffing "issues" now. I find the take out prices quite a bit cheaper. The full Roti feeds two ($10). They are delicious and organic and interestingly flavoured. The few other things on the menu are good too. They look skimpy, but the food is quite filling. I agree with the previous post. Worth the money!

        1. Has anyone been here more recently (these last postings were from 2 years ago)? Still recommended?

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            oh YES!

            I live in Victoria and make an effort to visit every time i'm on the mainland & relish the experience.

          2. I would also recommend the Chai Gallery which is located above the East is East on West. Broadway. It's a sit-down, buffet style restaurant run by the same owners (same kitchen) and is similarly well priced, excellent food. They usually have live entertainment as well.