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Jul 14, 2004 11:28 PM

Good Chow near Currie Barracks

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A group of us are coming to Calgary to see Cirque du Soleil in Calgary on Sat night, and are interested in finding a good place to eat within the vicinity of the Barracks, as that is where the show is. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Inukshuk Gal

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  1. What kind of food and what price range?

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    1. re: Yen

      We are open to pretty much any type of food, it is the one evening away from the kids, so are looking for something more adult oriented...

      1. re: unukshukgal

        The Trocadero is just across crowchild in Marda Loop from the Currie Barracks. Not sure what it's current status is, but in the past has been considered quite good - Along the lines of Muse, Divino's (Wine oriented contemporary interpretations of continental food)

    2. For really good Italian try out SAN REMO. Specializing in northern-Italian cuisine: potato pasta in a white wine sage butter sauce, chicken breast with artichokes and garlic in white wine pesto butter and fresh salmon and crab wrapped in phyllo. San Remo is located right across Crowchild Trail from the Barracks. If you can see the safeway then you will find the restaurant as it is in the same shopping strip. Reservations Recommended.
      3574 Garrison Gate SW, 403-685-5727

      1. Consider also Divine Ambrosia, 4824 16 St SW. I've heard lots good about it. Take 50th Ave exit east from Crowchild and it's in a strip plaza at 16th St.

        I'll second other remarks that the good sit-down options in Marda Loop are pretty much only San Remo (which has a nice menu, haven't tried it yet; it's in the gateway condo across from Starbucks and not on the original 33rd Ave strip) and Trocadero. Otherwise you're looking at Nellies, fast food like Opa and Jugo/Booster juice(s), and Kaffa which is a notch above fast food but still no place for a group looking for a night out. I boycott Karma because they are 100% smoking so I cannot comment on it. Except to say that a folk music club that is a smoke-filled hellhole deserves, oh God how it deserves, to go out of business.

        1. Thanks so much for the suggestions, I am sure that either Trocadero or San Remo will fit the bill for what we are looking for.

          Thanks again, your help is appreciated