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May 12, 2004 03:09 PM

Veggie Pho or Vietnamese Soups in Calgary

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I did post before about Banh Mi in Calgary, bu does any one have Veggie Pho (with vegetarian broth and fake meats) in Calgary?

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  1. you might try Buddha's Veggie Restaurant on Macleod Trail at about 55th Ave. S.W.

    1. Try a viet place that has a good vegetarian selection and then ask if their pho uses a veggie broth. Co Do (17th Ave and 14 St SW), which I consider the best viet in Calgary, has a respectable veggie selection so that would be a place to try. Miles' suggestion is Chinese and would not have Pho.

      1. Answering my own questions from 6 years ago, its a place called White Oak II in china town!